Apostilles & Authentications

APOSTILLE and AUTHENTICATION  Information & Pricing

Apostille is a method of verifying that a Notary Public is a Notary Public (or a public official is truly that public official).  Authentication is verifying the signature. This is done normally for international documents since each State in the USA has different notary laws.

Authentication Information
Apostille Convention

COSTS: Traveling Notary Public Fees + Secretary of State Fees + * Registrar-Recorder Fees

$49-$99 Travel Fee for each location

$15 per Notarized Signature

$5-$20 Parking Rates

$60 Waiting-in-line Time

$20 per Apostille certificate (paid to Secretary of State) plus 
$6 special handling fee for each public official's signature to be authenticated

$9.00 per Document Registrar-Recorder fees paid to County Recorder
(* Optional, sometimes required)


1. Notary travels to client to do notarizations
2a. Signature to be Authentication, if needed Notary Travels to Registrar-Recorder
2b. Apostille Notary Travels to Secretary of State Office (LA or Sacramento)
3. Notary Travels back to client to deliver docs

California Secretary of State Fees - Apostille

$20 for each Authentication certificate
$6 special handling fee for each public official's signature to be authenticated.
Los Angeles Regional Office (No Cash) or Sacramento Office
Payments by check, money order, or credit card (Visa or MC)

County Registrar-Recorder - Signature Authentication
$9 per document signature to be authenticated
The notary will travel to the County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk where the notaries bond is held