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In 1866, it was called Fair Oaks and it was a flag stop on the California Coast Line of the Southern Pacific Railroad. By 1923, it was part of a disputed area including Menlo Park and Fair Oaks, both of which wanted to incorporate. Representatives of both communities raced to Sacramento to gain curry from the state legislature. The Fair Oaks contingent got there first. What they learned is that they couldn't keep the name of Fair Oaks. They settled for Atheron in honor of Faxon D. Atherton, an early settler who influenced the development of the area.

The town hall the community built in 1928 still stands. The vision for the town was a community of large parcels for homes and no businesses at all. It was designed to attract the "old families" of San Francisco, who created an exclusive enclave ala old days Europe. The presence of the railroad in the area encouraged some San Franciscans to maintain summer homes in the area. Because dirt roads into the town were often impassible in the winter, their usual term of residence was May through September.

That began to erode in the 1920s and 1930s when some of the large tracts were subdivided and building began in earnest to house mid-century families. Some of those newcomers were people trained in the skills of notaries. Today, they represent a group of mobile notaries who take their skills to any place and at any time where there is a need for authenticating documents. They are only a phone call away and they are versed in all the many documents that require a notary's seal these days.

The large estates enjoyed in the past are gone, but a one-acre lot is still the standard. In the peak building period of the 1940s -1950s, more than eighty subdivisions grew up.

And despite all the building, the area still boasts stands of live oaks, bays, redwoods, cedars, pines and other ornamental trees in the six-square-mile town, population now about 7,500. Holbrook-Palmer Park is one of the town's attractions that takes advantage of those trees and provides recreation for the townsfolk.

A number of organizations preserve the history and culture of the area. They include the Atherton Heritage Association, the Atherton Arts Committee, Atherton Tree Committee, Friends of the Atherton Community and others.

Horse riding enthusiasts benefit from the private stables and riding ring operated by the Menlo Circus Club.

Ask one of the Atherton traveling notaries about people of note who have lived in the area and they'll no doubt lead off with Ty Cobb, early baseball hero. But there also have been Charlie Kubal, who created the 2010 Mashup Album of the Year; Cheryl Burke, a professional dancer with Dancing With the Stars and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.

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