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Fun fact to share with your friends at your next Beverly Hills Cocktail party... Thomas Fugill was the first ever Notary Public! Life is full of conveniences today. And so has the times changed since his appointment in 1639 with traveling notaries coming right to your door in Beverly Hills. Mr. Fugill resided in New Haven and today it is required that a notary must live in the state where they hold a notary license. At one point in time the Pope appointed notaries, now in America each States' Secretary of State appoints notaries.

Centuries later since the appointment of the first notary, Beverly Hills became the land of the rich and famous with old time movie stars such as Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Rudolph Valentino building mansions. Making it a place where visitors now come year round visiting sights and landmarks such as the Greystone Mansion, Golden Triangle, Spadena House, Virginia Robinson Gardens, Paley Center for Media and Revolver Gallery cruising Rodeo Drive, Mulholland, Coldwater Canyon, Benedict Canyon to try to catch a glimpse of a movie star. These streets are everyday routes for the local notary to travel to their clients' locations. The traveling notary is not just for the famous people they enjoy going to anyone living, working and vacationing in Beverly Hills.

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