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Areas Covered: Anywhere
Raised Seal Embosser: No

State Notary Seal Oath and Bond location: Westside County

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I'm a real estate agent and happy to also provide traveling notary service.
The very first Notary was a gentleman named Thomas Fugill. This took place in New Haven Connecticut. He had excellent penmanship! Initially it was a requirement that the notary public be a member of the church. In general it was believed that only a church member could be in a power or trust position. Notaries are thought to be trustworthy people. This took place in the 1600s. The responsibilities of a notary public have changed over the years. Each state in the United States of America regulates the notaries. The secretary of state enforces the notary laws. Notary publics celebrate November 7 as their special day. Heck why not everybody else is doing it even donuts (which is celebrated on November 5th)! The Gregorian calendar shows November 7 as the day the very first Notary was appointed and that's how November 7th was determined to be a special day to pat a Notary is on the back.

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