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When New Hampshire dentist/industrialist David Burbank bought 9,000 acres of land in California in 1867, he had no idea what the future held: His little chunk of prime California real estates became the Media Capital of the World, with dozens of things to see and do and appreciate. Like Johnny Carson, thousands of people echo the sentiment that he worked in "beautiful downtown Burbank." It's a lovely city with a glut of places where one of the city's traveling notaries could do his work and enjoy it.

Burbank didn't hold onto his California acres for long. He sold them to Southern Pacific Railroad for a dollar. But the city that grew on the site has become a jewel in its state. Largely due to the entertainment industry that centered early in California, Burbank outgrew its agriculture and ranching beginnings. Relics of the past still are dug up and discussed by archaeologists and paleontologists, but the busy-ness of keeping the world amused is the central theme now-a-days.

If you have business that requires a notary to authenticate its signatures, you might ask to meet at the Team Disney building, where the beloved Seven Dwarfs hold up the roof. In this town, the trick is not to find celebrities, but to find enough special sites to honor all that they have.

Many of the Burbank studios offer tours, including opportunities to visit (for free) the spots where TV shows are being taped live so a mobile notary has a choice of locations to which he/she can direct a client where business can be taken care. No need to interrupt a day of sightseeing and/or visiting the studios where TV shows and movies are always being readied to join the galaxy already in existence.

The city has contributed to some notable history. Amelia Earhart, noted aviator, was flying her Lockheed Vega, manufactured in Burbank, when she attempted a solo Atlantic flight.

Growth has called for significant expansion of the city's amenities. Plans are under way to enlarge the Bob Hope Airport, making it two-thirds larger than at present, to handle burgeoning air traffic into the area. Until it becomes a reality, Burbank notaries are ready to meet clients at the current facilities throughout several years of construction.

Retro hip vintage shopping is a draw for many of the sophisticates who gravitate to the movie atmosphere. Shops in Magnolia Park, Empire Center and Downtown can accommodate hometown trade as well as the thousands of tourists who like to mix shopping and media ogling.

But for year-round entertainment, don't forget that this is the home of SoCal sunshine. Meet your traveling notary at Debell Golf Course, go horseback riding in Griffith Park or relax long enough to get business done before taking off hiking into the Hollywood Hills and Verdugo Mountains. Arts and culture? The city has museums, live theater (to give you a break from the high-tech media), parks, gardens and much more.

David Burbank would be proud of what became of his 9,000 California acres.

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