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Now, how in the world does a little whistle-stop in Southern California get a name like Carlsbad? That has historically been the designation of a famed spa in a town now known as Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Well, actually, it makes sense if you go back to the 1880s,when the little railroad town of Frazier's Station had its well water tested and it was found to be chemically similar to some of the most famous warm water springs in Europe, including those in the little Bohemian town of Karlsbad.

In fact, the whole history of Carlsbad has been strongly influenced by Central European cultures. One of the first businessmen to see its potential was German-born Gerhard Schutte, who, with others, created the Carlsbad Land and Mineral Water Co. and encouraged development of the area. It became a center for orchards of citrus fruits, avocados and olives. That agricultural base saw the community through the Great Depression.

Frazier's original well can still be found at Alt Karlsbad, which is dominated by a replica of a German Hanseatic house. Visit the site and you can take a step backward in Carlsbad history while taking a very modern step forward by asking a local mobile notary to meet you there to have important documents authenticated. It's the way things are done in California, where every town has a contingent of traveling notaries at your service.

Need information? The local Visitor Information Center is housed in the Santa Fe Railway Depot, which now sports a National Register Historic Places emblem. Or you can ask a Carlsbad notary. They tend to get around their communities in the course of their work and are generally well informed.

Legoland California has its home in Carlsbad. It was the first of its kind outside Europe. Merlin Entertainment is the current operator. Now, there's a spot where you can "build on" a quick tour of this famed tourist stop by calling on a mobile notary to meet you there to put his or her seal on the signature you add as the final touch on your house purchase (or any other important document.)

To facilitate planning and control growth, the city was divided into four quadrants. The Old City is in the northwest quadrant, which now features housing ranging from cottages to giant mansions that top the hill.

Beware the sinister siren who hangs out in Carlsbad Lagoon. It's a great place for wakeboarding and waterskiing and other water sports - unless you are singled out as the siren's next victim. The locals say you can see her floating just under the surface. You'll recognize her by the blood around her mouth. Some say it's her own blood from biting her mouth. But no one knows for sure. Better be safe than sorry. The fact that the land surrounding the lagoon used to be the city cemetery lends an extra chill to the legend.

Flower fanatics enjoy the Flower Fields displays as the commercial garden burst into color each spring. The ranunculus bulbs produced here are marketed throughout the area, but not before the locals have been treated to a rainbow of color. Between bulbs, of course, you can visit the Craftsmanship Museum, where displays boast miniature working engines, some so small and meticulously crafted they fit in the palm of a human hand. Don't miss the Do Nothing Machine which, just as its name implies, does nothing except look really cool.

So, that's Carlsbad, a great place to live and to be a mobile notary.

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