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The city of Commerce, located in southeast Los Angeles County, came by its name naturally. Starting in 1887, when the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway came to the area, settling into the land that had once been the Antonio Maria Lugo's Rancho San Antonio, the city took on the role of an industrial area. The arrival of a second railway, the Los Angeles and Salt Lake line, assured that Commerce would thrive as a commercial center. Factories began to spring up, encouraged by the rails which provided an outlet for their products.

The city incorporated in 1960, largely to fend off other nearby cities that coveted the tax-producing industries. The city then managed to survived a period of de-industrialization that decimated some of its neighbors. It did that by converting some of the industrial land for lucrative commercial uses. The Citadel outlet mall, which was built om the site of a former tire factory, was one such move. The huge expansion in international trade through the ports of Los Angeles and San Diego has helped Commerce to capitalize on its major rail yard. The trade-off has been an increase in smog pollution from more truck traffic.

Of course, you can't have a vital city without the presence of mobile notaries who provide a significant service for residents. They have them in Commerce. Laws, which vary from state to state, require a notary's seal to meet legal requirements for many personal documents, including deeds, wills and others. You can't buy or sell a home without a notary's aid in witnessing signatures and adding their official seal. The list is long and you may have questions. In that case, just dial the local traveling notaries and they can offer advice.

Though the focus in Commerce is on commerce, there are some very nice features in the city, largely through the efforts of business leaders who determined to make this a city where it's great to live as well as to work.

A two-pool swimming facility was built in Rosewood Park for year-round use by the community. The city boasts four community libraries. Residents are willing to put some effort into the amenities they crave. For instance, they cleared their own baseball field. Professional players have used the facility, as well as college teams and even astronauts. Folks can ride to Veterans Park Stadium on the city's free buses. Commerce had the nation's first fare-free transportation system.

The Citadel outlets offer the best in shopping. You can visit a make-believe Assyrian palace, or opt to browse in an assortment of high-end shops. There are fast food and sit-down eateries and a hotel. The complex planners originally wanted a Samson and Delilah theme, and settled for a seventh century B.C. Assyrian palace.

Commerce has a casino that offers poker, blackjack, Caribbean stud, baccarat, pai gow Poker andSuper Nine, but there are no slots. The nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel has full-service men's and women's spas with all the trimmings.

A spate of local parks and two golf courses assure a day of relaxation now and again. What's not to like in Commerce?

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