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Cobbled together from parts of the huge "ranchos" that were created when Mexico gained its independence from Spain, Escondido meant "hidden," but what it was that was hidden is not certain. There are two theories: that the reference was to hidden water or that it was an allusion to hidden treasure. Take your pick. Either way, Escondido is a lot easier to say than Mehel-om-pon-pavo, which is what the Native Americans who inhabited the area called it before the Spanish explorers invaded California.

One of the major battles of the Mexican War between Mexico and the United States was fought near Escondido, with Andres Pico leading the Mexican armies and Stephen W. Kearny, Kit Carson and Archibald Gillespie at the head of the American troops. A park in the city honors Carson. It might be a convenient to meet one of Escondido's mobile notaries. You could get a taste of local history while having signatures on sales documents or other important papers authenticated.

California might have become two state instead of one if a move by southern "copperheads" had succeeded. The proposal passed the California Legislature, but died in Congress. The capitol of the southern state envisioned by the Californian would have been located where Escondido eventually arose.

Lack of easy water access might have spelled the end of growth in the area, but a dam built in 1894-95 increased the supply and the Escondido area became a thriving agricultural center, producing olives, walnuts and avocados. Eventually, following the pattern of much of California, housing replaced orchards and Escondido joined the long list of communities that took on big city ways.

While rolling with the present, the city preserves the past in the Escondido History enter. It consists of the original Santa Fe Depot, first library, Victorian House, barn and blacksmith shop. of The city also is the site of a satellite of the Mingei International Museum, a noted repository off folk art from around the world. Ask the local notary about special events that highlight these and other local points of interest.

Sports loom large in Escondido. From 1964-68, the city hosted training facilities for the San Diego Chargers. The city's National Little League team was first in California to make it to the world series, setting a standard for the city's other Little Leaguers who have scored well through the years. A large number of notable sports figures (not to mention a coterie of entertainers) have made Escondido their home.

Don't miss the Daley Ranch, a large conservation area that is managed in perpetuity by the city to maintain a biologically diverse habitat area of regional importance. It has more than 20 miles for hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails.

Elfin Forest has earned its reputation as a "Fantasy Forest," where, legend has it, Gypsies once gathered, though they were driven off by people from neighboring communities, who slaughtered those who refused to leave the forest. Remnants of Native American occupation are still found in the area and there are rumors that the place is haunted. The worst thing, in the minds of some, is that there is no telephone reception in the forest. Now, that's scary. Probably not a good place to arrange for business with an Escondido mobile notary, right?

Better make your appointment with a local notary in Queen Califia's Magical Circle, a mosaic sculpture and artwork garden. Featured is the artwork of Niki de Saint Phalle, one of California's noted artists, whose snake walls land totems symbolize California's history. The eagle claims a prominent place in the circle based on his ability to fly high and get nearer to the gods than other creatures. Don't miss it.

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