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Our Glendale Notaries are Proud of Their City's Long History

Many of the traveling notaries in Glendale are happy to share the city's long and illustrious history, which goes back to the Eighteenth Century when livestock grazing and farming were the mainstay of small California communities. Just ask them.

For instance, ask that Glendale notary about Jose Maria Verdugo, a Spanish soldier who had been stationed in Baja. In 1798, he was granted the grazing rights on Rancho San Rafael by the governor of California. He had been grazing animals on the land since 1784 when the governor made it official. Until then, the area had been the domain of the Tongua (People of the Earth) who later were renamed the Gabrielanos by the Spaniards who were in the nearby Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. Verdugo's grandson, Teodoro, built the Verdugo Adobe, Glendale's oldest building, in 1860. It was here that Pio Pico surrendered to Lt. Col. John C. Fremont, who was commissioned by the United States government in the 1840s to explore the western reaches of what became the coast-to-coast country.

Over time, the Verdugo family sold off tracts of their land and they became suburbs of Los Angeles. The city of Glendale incorporated in 1906. An interesting feature of the community was the eye-catching manor of wealthy Leslie Coombs Brand, which he named El Miradero. The manor was built using a combination of Spanish architecture and features borrowed from the East Indian Pavilion at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Brand, who loved to fly, hosted fly-in parties for his rich friends. In his will, he left the estate to the city, which turned it into a library and historic site.

If you want to impress the traveling notary doing your business in Glendale, surprise him with the information that you have traveled along Brand Avenue and visited the noted Forest Lawn Cemetery, resting place of many notables and the first cemetery in the country to have a funeral home on the grounds. It also boasts a famous art collection. Tell your notary friend that you've the seen the headquarters of the Green Cross, one of the front runners in the country's conservation and tree preservation effort.

Maybe one of your Glendale notary acquaintances will be willing to relate one of the city's more contemporary and less salubrious stories. The deaths of 10 women, memorialized as the Hillside Strangler murders, were attributed to two locals, Kenneth Bianci and Angelo Buono. An aberration such as that falls, though, before the long and successful history Glendale boasts, with companies such as Nestle, NexusLab, Great West Life, Citi and many others comfortably at home in its many business buildings.

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