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Every town has one: a crazy law that no one is really expected to obey, but somehow remains on the books year after year. In Hemet, part of the helmet regulations warns that: "the driver of any vehicle involved in an accident resulting in death, shall immediately present his name and address to the person struck." Ha. And they say that dead men (or women) tell no tales. Outside of that antiquated law, Hemet is a great place to be.

In fact, if you would like your business documents signed and notarized in a pretty, peaceful place with a traveling notary, there's no place like Hemet to do the deed.

Notaries in Hemet have a choice of almost a dozen parks that the locals use as respite from warm weather. This town, of course, is in the Santa Rosa Mountains, so why not? You could meet your mobile notary at Simpson Park, which has nearly 500 acres of wilderness area, with picnic facilities, hiking trails and an equestrian trail as well, for those who prefer to let the horse do the walking. At 2,500-foot elevation, the park offers a panoramic view of the entire San Jacinto Valley.

Drive on to Brubaker Park, a smaller park devoted to sports as well as general park activities such as picnicking and playground facilities for the kiddies. The park has a basketball court, a softball field that can be used with permission and a larger complex of fields that is the home base for Hemet Youth Baseball.

Still not "parked" out? Try Cawston, David R. Oltman, Gibbel, Griffith, Mary Henley, Rodighier Green, Spencer, Stoney Moutnaain or Welch Memorial Green parks. They are pleasant oases in this little mountain town.

Prefer a trip into the past? Make an appointment with a Hemet notary and meet her/him at the Hemet Museum, where you'll learn about a town that was founded in the 1840s to accommodate agriculture and ranching in the area. And about the Ramona Pageant, one of the oldest-running outdoor productions in the United States. An underground tunnel was part of the complexities of a dam that was built to capture water to supply the rich orchards and farms of the area.

Still not tired? Zip on up to the Ritchie Mansion to see what life was like in Hemet's hey-day. It's still a town that attracts notables. Actor Bill Murray calls it home and Mickey Rooney Jr. is a fellow resident.

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