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You say Hollywood, I say movies. The two words are so integrally connected it's hard to remember that there's more to the city than entertainment.

The town was much less than a blockbuster (to use a well-known descriptor) back in 1903 when it incorporated. It had already been around, lacking the fame and luster, since the mid-1850s when one adobe hut stood in Nopal Field. It had been an agricultural area long before the term "movie star" was coined.

There is a great story about how Hollywood got its name. It claims that H.J. Whitley, an important developer in the late 1800s, was standing on a hill when a Chinese man drove by with a wagon full of wood. He asked the Chinese man what he was doing and that individual said "I holly wood. (Hauling wood.)" Whitely liked it. The "holly" was a reminder of the plant that grew in his native England and "wood" was a reminder of his Scottish heritage. So there you go.

When you need a notary in Hollywood to witness, sign and seal an important document, you could call on a talent scout, but a better idea is to call one of the mobile notaries who serve the city. These well-trained professionals know all the ins and outs of the many documents that now require a notary's authenticating touches to be legal. He or she is willing to travel to a site of your choice to get the job done.

Shortly after it incorporated in 1903, Hollywoodites voted 113 to 96 to bar liquor in the town, except for medicinal purposes. How many great movie scenes would have hit the cutting room floor if that had remained in effect!

By 1912, a lot of people interested in using Thomas Edison's science to make movies were moving west to avoid dealing with the patent violations they were guilty of. Good weather and a variety of settings enhanced the attraction. A 17-minute short film was the first to be produced in Hollywood. It was commissioned by the Biograph Co. in 1910. The first Hollywood film firm, Nestor Co., actually was created in New Jersey.

By the 1920s, four major film companies were at work in Hollywood -- Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO and Columbia, as well as some smaller film ventures. The industry was off and running (the quintessential chase scene?) as they jockeyed for stars and scripts.

The iconic "HOLLYWOODLAND" sign in the Hollywood Hills was set up to advertise a housing development, but it soon was shortened to just Hollywood and became an enduring emblem of the industry. The Hollywood Walk of Fame came on scene in February 1860 to immortalize the stars and innovators who rose out of the country's movie mania.

Obviously, the premier event in town is the Academy Awards, held in late February or early March each year to honor the works and the people judged to be the best of the year. Less showy, but almost as popular with the home folks is the Hollywood Christmas Parade. In 2006, it was staged for the 75th time. It is shared around the country via television.

Looking for a place where you can mix business with pleasure? Call a mobile notary and have him or her meet you at the Magic Castle, a nightclub for magicians and magic enthusiasts. Before the notary can disappear, have his or her signature and seal attached to the letter you have written authorizing Uncle Billy to accompany your underage son or daughter on a flying trip to Europe. That could spare you any difficulties relating to the travel and you'll be right on the spot for an evening of legerdemain. Enjoy!

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