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Who said being a notary public is boring? The mobile notary in Long Beach while cruising around town may end up doing a job at the skinniest adobe in the world. Located in Rose Park, it's just a fun fact to share with your friends! Although it's super skinny at 10 feet wide, it is three stories high.

Think back to the old TV days of the show Get Smart. Remember the phone booth scene where Maxwell Smart disappears. Well in Long Beach there's a phone booth that you enter and then disappear right into a hidden bar. On E. Wardlow Rd., pick up the telephone in the 1930s phone Booth and give the secret password which is given to you when you make reservations. Then you will enter a museum like room with creative artistic mixologists. Cheers! OK OK it's called the "The Exhibition Room". By the way, this discovery was made when the mobile notary was driving on E. Wardlow Rd. and ran out of cellular phone juice. She stopped to make a phone call and the rest is history!

A lovely spot for the Notaries to take a break is at El Dorado Park where the Nature Center has turtles in the pond. So when you have the opportunity to visit please say hi to the turtles for us as we have named some of them Shelley, Pokey, and Speedy.

The secret password is "Rancho Los Alamitos". For a peaceful stroll around the Gardens of these 1800s homes One must enter through the Bixby Hill gated community. Go back to yesteryear and visit the blacksmith and enjoy this historic ranch. Don't forget to tell the guard the required password for entrance.

Hidden art created with Mosaic tiles which graced the floors of the Long Beach airport in 1941 were recently uncovered. Now not only can you enjoy watching the planes take off and land, a walk through the corridors is like walking through a retro museum. Designs include dialing a telephone with a pen, birds, maps, and river about amongst others. FYI, 1940s attire is not required. Our notary in Long Beach is a major Pokemon fan! FYI, like-minded people hang out in Shoreline Park. Although this is a touristy spot with restaurants and shops, boat admirers also may want to stroll around up and down the docks to gaze at the motor and sail boats. You can pack a picnic and watch the sunset, just gorgeous!

Did you know you can actually sleep on the Queen Mary? They have lots of tours and restaurants and you could even make it a seaworthy staycation as our local notaries can attest.

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