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Malibu, or "The 'Bu" as he locals like to call it, is a city on the Pacific Coast with a Mediterranean climate. The Malibu group of traveling notaries are among those who claim that within the bounds of the city is 21 miles of unparalleled scenic beauty. They base their claim on the wide and sandy Zuma Beach and Malibu Lagoon State beach, surfer magnets without equal anywhere, inland trails that weave through waterfall-dripping canyons and surrounding grasslands in the Santa Monica Mountains.

A good share of the upscale homes are the residences of well-known entertainment personalities. They rub shoulders with other beach-lovers who are attracted by the pleasant living, including those above-mentioned notaries. Even celebrities need the services provided by these well-trained professionals. Maybe more so.

Malibu has a fascinating history and remnants of the old days are housed in the Malibu Lagoon Museum, close to the state beach. Its architecture is Spanish Revival and it heralds a history going back to the days when Native Americans roamed the area -- without surfboards. Say "Malibu" and the next word out of your mouth is likely to be "surfing." Since the late 1950s, a thriving "surf culture" has been the earmark of this Los Angeles suburb (the city is just to the east.) The "Gidget" movies popularized the sport and soon such top-notch competitors as Dewey Weber, Mickey Munoz, Kemp Aaberg, Bob Cooper, Robert Patterson and a guy called "Tubesteak" had settled in for the duration.

The tale told about Gidget herself (Kathy Kohner) is that she came down the stairs to the beach, all five feet and 100 pounds of her, carrying a borrowed surfboard that was so big that one end was dragging in the sand.. There weren't many female surfers then and Tubesteak commented, "Gee, here comes a girl." Someone in the crowd began giving her a bad time and Tubesteak came to her defense. "Hey, it's okay if you surf, he told her. "Come on down." His "Gidget" sobriquet stuck.

It's okay if you want to go to a movie in Malibu, but better make it a serous drama. It's against the law in this community to laugh out loud at a movie. Go figure. A movie theater, in fact, might be a good place for you to meet one of Malibu's mobile notaries. Take care of the serious business that needs a notary's touch, anything from a will to a sales document, and you'll be in the kind of mood that you need to attend a serious movie so you won't be tempted to laugh out loud.

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