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By 1850. when California became the 31st of the United States, the Mar Vista area already had a long and complex history. From the 1771 founding of the San Gabriel Mission to today's modern city, it followed the historical pattern of many of the state's communities.

In 1863, that included participation in the Civil War. Soldiers from nearby Camp Latham watched from Mar Vista Hill, ready to fend off Confederate soldiers who were expected to invade Los Angeles via Catalina Island, an event that didn't occur. After the war, Louis Mesmer, the camp baker sold his Los Angeles bakery and bought extensive land holdings in the Mar Vista area.

Today, Mar Vista's residential streets lead to low-key coffee shops and small businesses. Bicyclists follow the sun past beach-side bungalows and colorful apartment complexes as they head to the beach. Signs asking drivers to slow for children at play are as common as fast food. Some locals are concerned that the move to pull down old residences in favor of more high-density construction will ruin the suburban character of their city. The tension between old and new is a constant as the city evolves.

The days when lima bean fields predominated the area are long gone. Today, Mar Vista is considered one of the most desirable Westside residential neighborhoods. It has attracted, among many other residents, a group of notaries who are on call around the clock, ready and trained to add a seal to your important documents, making them legal. Their services cover the gamut, from deeds and wills to mortgages and powers of attorney -- anything that needs the notary's seal to be authentic. And they stand ready to meet a client at home, in an office or any other location that is convenient.

Development experts see a rose future for Mar Vista . The consensus is that "It's very down-to-earth, very friendly. It's a beautiful little place in L.A. and there are all those little gems in the neighborhood, like the Farmer's Market and the Oasis Healing Center."

A great outlook for an area that has been farmland, a city dump, anti-aircraft artillery battery and proposed site of a water and power reservoir. All that and mobile notaries!

The Mobile Notaries are in Mar Vista including 90066. The Mobile notary will quickly come to you both day and night right to your place!

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