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When the Spanish moved in on local Native American Tribes in the mid-1700s, they named the area now occupied by National City the Ranch of the King. Spanish soldiers grazed their horses on the land. After gaining independence from Spain, Mexicans named it Ranch of the Nation, and when Frank Kimball and his brothers arrived in 1868, an Anglecized version stuck. Frank was a man ahead of his time. The bathroom in his mansion had hot and cold running water.

But what the Kimballs brought to National City that mattered was progress. They pushed for roads and railroad connections, supporting the Santa Fe Railway system in preference to the Central and Pacific lines that had held dominance for many years. The Italianate depot that remains on West 23rd Street is the sole survivor of five such stations that facilitated rail travel in the 1880s and for years beyond. Railroad history nuts (or anyone with a bit of curiosity about what it was like back then) might take advantage of National City's mobile notary publics to get important papers authorized at the depot while taking in a bit of history.

Take a stroll through town and see how many of the tree species from Europe and Asia you can identify. The Kimballs imported hundreds of them to decorate their town. Or spend some time on the city's three-mile port area along San Diego Bay. It supports the largest U.S. Naval Base on the West Coast.

Money burning a hole in your pocket? Call a National City notary to meet you in the Westfield Plaza Bonita shopping mall and see how fast you can make your documents legal and then get on with the spending. The mall is one of the only completely endorsed all-indoor shopping malls in the country. It has a playground, cafe terrace and movie theaters where you can relax and enjoy between stores.

If you're in the area the first Saturday in August, you are on the spot to take in the National City Automobile Heritage Day Car Show, an annual event since 1991. Kimball Park (where else?) makes room for everything from early model classic autos to muscle cars and the latest in super cars for the enjoyment of thousands of car freaks.

Of course, Old Town is a must. Samples of Victorian-era architecture are rampant. The city was once home to more samples of early architecture than any other site in San Diego County. A local notary, should you happen to encounter one on your tour, will be pleased to tell you that it was the Kimballs who brought the citrus and olive industries to SoCal, making a huge impact on the development of the region. Theose Kimballs were just busy guys. Kids love the Stein Family Farm, where they can meet Petunia the Pig, chickens, rabbits and turtles. Visitors may pick ripe figs, cherries and orange. And don't be shy about asking about eggs.

Top off a busy day with a refueling stop at Cafe LaMaze, established in 1941 and boasting the reputation of National City's most historic restaurant. Or cruise Highland Avenue, Southern California's infamous car cruise route. Do it all and you'll know why National City notaries think this is the grandest place on earth to live and do business.

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