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Newbury Park is a town within a city. It lies in the western Thousand Oaks city limits in Ventura County, about 35 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It has a reputation of being one of the safest and richest communities in the United States. Money Magazine listed it as the 11th highest per-capita income and the fourth highest median household income at $107,302, compared with $60,190 for California overall and $53,046 nationally.

It got its name from Egbert Starr Newbury, who was the first postmaster in the Conejo Valley in 1875 and owned a ranch he called Newbury Park. Although the family owned thousands of acres of land in the area, they only lived in Newbury Park for six years all told. But the name stuck.

Much of the area's pre-modern history is preserved in the Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center in the foothills of Mount Boney, a site still sacred to the Chumash Indians. If you have an interest in native cultures, you might want to make it the spot to meet with one of the town's mobile notaries, who are committed to taking their skills to the places most convenient for their clients. This group of well-trained and accredited notaries can review and witness all of your important personal documents. The notary's seal is your guarantee that your document will stand up to any legal challenge.

Mammoth fossils have been discovered and are on display in the Stagecoach Inn Museum in Newbury Park. Remnants of Chumash villages and numerous pictographs also have disclosed vestiges of the native culture.

The Grand Union Hotel, a relic of more recent history, provided a stopover for travelers dating back to 1876. It was a health and pleasure resort and also a gathering place for the locals when they were ready to live it up. The early Conejo Valley pioneers were a rugged bunch who had to journey over the Conejo (also known as Norwegian) Grade to get to a grocery store, go to high school or get married. They toughed it out when a severe drought left the area near-rainless for 30 months in 1876-78. That's when Egbert, the original settler, packed it in, took his family and went back to Michigan.

But new times brought new practices. In the mid-1940s, the area became subject to planned development -- the tale of modern California. Casa Conejo was the first such development. Over time, most of Newbury Park was annexed by Thousand Oaks.

Today, the Newbury Park population has taken a boost with the advent of biotechnology firms and technology businesses. Even so, the town retains a rural character. A number of trail heads offer hiking opportunities, including trails into the Santa Monica Mountains, continuing clear to the Pacific Coast.

The town abuts on the Boney Mountains State Wilderness Area and the Santa Monica Mountains on the south, the Los Robles Open Space Area to the east and the Arroyo Conejo Open Space area and Wildwood Regional Park to the north. Take your pick for an outdoor experience surrounded by all the accoutrements of a dense population area.

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