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It used to be "The Palms," but today it shows up on California maps simply as "Palms." It is a highly diverse neighborhood on the west side area of Los Angeles and has a history ranging back to 1886, when it was recognized as an agricultural and vacation area. It is the oldest annexed neighborhood in the megaplex, having become part of the city in 1915.

Time was when it was part of Rancho La Ballona, where brothers Agustin and Ygnacio Machado, along with others, had grazing rights on 14,000 acres of land. The boundaries of the rancho were established, according to tradition, by Agustin, who claimed all the land he could ride through on his swiftest horse from dawn to dusk of one day.

The community that grew up in the late 1800s was called Ballona. As with many California communities, real growth began with the arrival of the railroads. Railroad tycoons had an interest in establishing thriving "stops" along the line and promoting agriculture so they could increase business for the railroads. Thus Palms became one of the agriculturally based towns in the area, with the rails providing a ready route to markets. Citrus farming became an economic mainstay. The palms for which it was ultimately named had to be imported, since they were not native to the area.

When traveling notaries were added to the town's amenities is not easily ascertained, but they are definitely part of the scene now. You only have to make a phone call to bring one of these highly trained professionals to your home, business or any other place that serves you well. That's what the "travelling" part of the title connotes. What they bring to any appointment is a wealth of knowledge about the need for adding a witness and seal to some of your personal documents.

As Los Angeles doggedly pushed its boundaries, the pressure for annexation was relentless. For many of the west-side communities, the construction of the outfall sewer in their areas was incentive for joining the larger city. Still, it took two annexation elections in Palms to get the deed done. In May 1915, it was a done deed.

The community's diversity is reflected in many of its landmarks. It has religious sites as different as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and the Iranian-American Muslim Association of North America, with manky stops between. Thee churches reflect the influx of people from Asia and the Middle East. There are a large number of Indian and Pakistani restaurants and businesses in the city. Brazil also has a growing slice of the local business and there are firms whose owners originated in Bengal. Palms is a melting pot all on its own.

One of the most original museums in the area is the Museum of Jurassic Technology. It has been described as "a museum of museums," based on its eclectic displays of artistic, scientific, ethnographic and historic items. For instance, an exhibit opened in 2005 features the Tula Tea Room, designed to resemble Tsar Nicholas II's study in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. You can refresh yourself with Georgian tea and Russian cookies.

In the words of the museum's slideshow, a museum means "a spot dedicated to the Muses, a place where man's mind could attain a mood of aloofness above everyday affairs." Take that to heart. Spend some time browsing the wide-ranging exhibits and decide what it means to you.

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