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In 1963, novelist Gavin Lambert has one of his characters describe Playa de Rey rather unkindly as "a lot of people sitting it out in a cockeyed dump between two other cockeyed dumps called Hermosa Beach and Venice. The beach has oil derricks on it and there's a huge sewage disposal plant within sniffing distance."

That may have been Lambert's take on the city, which sits on the beach west of Los Angeles, but it actually is a community with a long colorful history that today is a magnet for those who live for surfing and other coastline sports. That many people find it attractive is evident in the 14.6 percent growth since the turn of the century. And in the past it was the beachside address of such notables as Hollywood biggie Cecil B. DeMille.

Among its many pluses is a group of dedicated traveling notaries who respond to calls to meet clients wherever and whenever the clients choose. They are trained and qualified in all of the many legal documents that require authentication, such as wills, deeds, powers of attorney, adoptions and many others that can't pass muster these days without that notary's seal.

Back in the 1870s, Playa del Rey (Beach of the King) was the site of the first attempt to create a dredged harbor in Santa Monica Bay. Undertaken by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Raillroad and brought to fruition by the Moye Wicks syndicate, the "Port Ballona Harbor" lasted juust three years before winter waves resulted in flooding. It was an expensive $300,000 failure. Today it is ithe Playa del Rey Lagoon, a regional park.

The community created in 1921 by land developeer Dickinson & Gillespie Co. was originally called Palisades del Rey. The company ballyhooed it as "the last stretch of coastal land in the city of Los Angeles." Many custom-built homes soon topped the sand dunes, many of them built for Hollywood figures. With the development of Del Rey Hills on the eastern edge of the city, population surged.

The development of the Los Angeles International Airport infringed into the part of the community dubbed Surfridge and brought an end to the amenities that had attracted upscale residents. The noise and traffic congestion at the airport discouraged further residential expansion.

The best surfing also was diminished by the construction of rock jetties placed to prevent beach erosion. But there still is "Toes Over" Beach, named for the Hang Ten surfing maneuver. Today's surfers tend to flock south of Dockweiler Beach to El Porto. But the entire 20-mile stretch of beach that ties the ocean-front communities together is served by lifeguards and park services.

There's a bridge that provides access from Playa del Rey to the Ballona Creek jetty, that accommodates foot traffic and bicycles, but not motorized vehicles. It is the most popular route to the beaches north of Santa Monica. Sun and surf are prominent in the lives of those who live in Playa del Rey, but there is a serious side to life here as well. That's when the services of the city's mobile notaries is much appreciated. Schedule the fun after you have completed the necessary business and your mind will be free to enjoy the beach.

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