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Poway Creek has yielded Native American artifacts that attest to a history going back to the early Diegueno period of California history. The very name of the town can be traced back to Pawiiy or Pauwai, words from the earliest human groups to take advantage of the rich agricultural possibilities in the area.

Contemporary history began with the Spanish conquistadores who established missions up and down the Pacific coast in the late 1700s. Records of Mission San Diego de Alcala mention the nearby valley of "Paguay." Mission residents kept cattle there in the early times. Although no precise translation is forthcoming, it appears to mean "end of the valley."

After the Civil War, more Americans began to move into the area, which continued to serve for cattle grazing.But until water became available via the Colorado River Aqueduct in the mid-1950s did real growth begin. Developers made housing available and modern Poway was born. There's no problem getting in touch with a traveling notary in Poway these days. These professionals make themselves available upon request where it is convenient for the client. That means if you have mortgage papers to be notarized, you can arrange to meet a mobile notary in either one of the two Kingdom Halls owned by the local Jehovah's Witness congregations. You can have the necessary authentication of important documents done before attending services, if you are so inclined.

The town is host to a number of churches, including United Church of Christ, Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, Jewish and Mormon whose congregants enjoy their own activities. Berean Bible College offers theological courses.

For many years, muscat grapes from Poway graced the tables of San Diego, and "the peach is a good article," the local newspaper noted in 1896. Even today, the agricultural past leaves its mark on the area. Eventually, avocados and citrus fruits became the mainstays, although today the city's economy is bolstered primarily by small commercial businesses and modest shopping centers.

The community boasts a number of resident VIPs. including Fletcher Bowton, Los Angeles mayor from 1938-53; actor Brandon Call; Luis Castillo, former defensive end for the San Diego Chargers; Bruce Bochy, former Major League Baseball catcher, former Padres manager and current San Francisco Giants manager; and Jeremy Fox, professional stuntman. It's a good bet that at some time or another, each of these, along with less stellar residents, called on one of the Poway mobile notaries for the professional services they provide.

The area also has come in for its share of disasters. In 2003, the Cedar Fire forced the evacuation of a major portion of the Poway population and again in 2007, the Witch Creek Fire sent residents scrambling to avoid the conflagration and preserve their homes.

Despite its periodic challenges, the city has done its share to support the military. In 2004, the community adopted the 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, based in nearby Camp Pendleton. The local Fred L. Kent Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars heads the alliance with the division, which has been deployed to Iraq at least once since the adoption.

Growth in Poway has not been as consistently heavy as in some California cities, although it is booming at present. But the community is happy to retain the character of the "country city." And with the presence of a cadre of traveling notaries, it has just what it needs to make life good.

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