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Originally part of the San Fernando Mission, Reseda became the town of Marian n 1912, named after Marian Otis Chandler, daughter of famed LA Times publisher Harrison Gray Otis and the wife of Harry Chandler. The name was changed when the town outgrew its beginnings, largely due to railroad influences. It became Reseda after a plant, known in English as mignonette, that was common in the Mediterranean. It took the support of 92 residents who met and agreed to the name in preparation for the establishment of a fourth-class post office.

In 1915, the business district was born with the coming of a hardware store. A blacksmith shop and auto repair garage followed. The rest, as the local notaries will tell you, is history. The community survived the Great Depression, depending on regular harvests of lima beans, lettuce, sugar beets and walnuts. The addition of some manufacturing and food processing to the local economy contributed to steady growth through the World War II era. In time, Reseda became one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley.

Just be aware when you make an appointment with one of the Reseda mobile notaries to have important documents notarized that this is an area where earthquakes are known to occur. In 1994, the Northridge quake rumbled directly below the city, the most damaging tremor noted in California since the 1906 San Francisco disaster. But folks here have learned to carry on despite sudden earth moves.

In fact, they have purposely invited make-believe disasters such as the episode involving a deranged gunman who hid behind the local drive-in theater screen while taking pot shots at his various victims. It was all on film, of course, in the production of "Targets" in 1968. And the "Karate Kid" moved from Newark, N. J. to Reseda, setting himself up for eventual glory in martial arts. Other movies that have found great settings in Reseda include "Boogie Nights," "A Kid in King Arthur's Court," "Magnolia ," "Erin Brockovich" and "Terminator 2:Judgment Day." A number of television shows also have made good use of Resseda backbrounds for their productions.

You can meet a mobile notary anywhere in Reseda, but you might want to consider avoiding the Reseda House of Evil. There are bold claims that at least one person has died in each of its rooms, not to mention six suicides. The current owner has a logical explanation: His predecessor was the biggest drug dealer in town. But rumors of strange sightings and weird goings-on persist. There is talk of Indian burial grounds and even the possibilities that the large earthquakes in the area have upped geo-magnetic activity. Better get your papers notarized where it's less risky.

And if you aren't into the paranormal, there are plenty of healthy, fun and recreational things to do in Reseda, none of them involving ghosts.

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