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According to local legend, in 1797 a small band of Native Americans stole sheep from the flocks of the San Luis Rey Mission and Spanish troops gave chase. They never caught the thieves, but they did discover a fertile valley in the hills that they named Los Vallecitos de San Marcos. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and you have the attractive modern-day city of San Marcos.

Wine and honey production saw the area through its earliest agriculture stage. In the 1880s, settlers from Germany and Holland began taking up land in the area and by 1884, they had a post office, blacksmith business, a feed store and a weekly newspaper. But alas, to the chagrin of the locals, the Santa Fe Railroad put its tracks a mile from town. Many of the local residents solved the problem by uprooting and building homes closer to the railroad site. As California became the magnet for new settlers from all over America, the pleasant hills in the San Marcos area drew more residents. Agriculture, including dairy farming and poultry production, remained the economic mainstay.

Water -- or lack thereof -- was one of the constant bugaboos as California blossomed with people. It was resolved in San Marcos in 1956 when water tapped from the Colorado River arrived. The population bloomed as well, from 2,500 when it incorporated in 1963 to 17,479 in 1980 and near 85,000 in 2010. Clearly, with this kind of growth, San Marcos was ready at some point for mobile notaries. Those are the people in California towns and cities who are on call to provide their services witnessing signatures and providing the proper seals to authenticate a wide array of documents.

One of the group could meet you on Old California Restaurant Row, where you could have a will notarized before settling down to the serious business of selecting among what are touted locally as the best restaurants in the north county area. Or.if you prefer, make the meeting place any one of the local golf courses.

The city has made certain to ensure green oases in its bounds and there are miles of hiking/biking trails to keep you moving for a long time. You might make your destination Double Peak Park, which offers a panoramic view of San Diego when you get to the top.

Should you get lost, an illuminated cross above Lake San Marcos might guide you back to where you wanted to be. The cross has been a significant landmark in the area for decades. A step back in history is a snap with a visit to the Williams Barn, a community center designed to resemble a big red barn. It is located in Walnut Grove Park and shares the area with a cluster of historic houses that are maintained by the San Marcos Historical Society.

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