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Ah, those were the good old days -- 1927, when you could purchase a one-acre lot in the Sherman Oaks suburban residential area for $780. That was the asking price Gen. Moses Hazeltine Sherman set for the development of the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company. It was an era when many burgeoning little communities in the Los Angeles area were juggling lines or seeking to align themselves with established cities.

It wasn't until 2009, in fact, after many maneuvers to find the ideal configuration that the community of Sherman Oaks finally got permission from the Los Angeles City Council to finalize its boundaries. The city had suffered severe damage in the 1994 Northridge earthquake and it took a lawsuit for the city to establish its right to manage its own rebuilding efforts.

It's interesting history to the people who live there, including a cadre of notary publics who are trained and efficient in attending to clients who have important documents that need to be notarized. These notaries are authorized to travel anywhere in the area for the sake of convenience in meeting client needs.

So, what does one do in Sherman Oaks, claimed by its residents to be the best place to live in all of the sprawling mega-plex of Los Angeles suburbs? Well, you could go star-gazing. Hollywood star gazing, that is. This is home to Christian Bale, Shia LaBeouf and Jennifer Aniston.

At Christmas time, folks in Sherman Oaks get busy, just as folks do throughout Christendom. But setting aside a time to see the holiday show at Mike Ziemkowski's home is a must. His multimedia extravaganza of animated lights, music (including a guitar-shredding Frosty the Snowman) and assorted animatronics has won attention on such competitions as the reality TV show "The Great Christmas Light Fight." Ziemkowski spends months setting up the show and it is an annual tradition for many Sherman Oaks families. If you find a spot near Santa, you can catch snowflakes on your tongue. And in keeping with the notion of Christmas giving, the whole show is free.

A more year-round local gathering spot is the Galleria, a popular shopping center that has attracted locals since it was built in 1980. It was damaged during the Northridge quake, but was rebuillt from the ground up to maintain its reputation as one of the most architecturally attractive centers of its kind. It was the filming spot for "Commando," starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, as well as other movies. Shopping and movies are a given, but the Galleria also sports a huge fitness center and ongoing entertainment, such as concerts, etc.

If shopping is low on your list of things to do, why not meet a mobile notary at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, finish up the notarization of important property documents or a paper authorizing Aunt Thelma to take your son/daughter on a trip to Europe, and then settle down for a day of more sporty activities. (Sans the son or daughter.) The place has batting cages, arcades, games, party facilities, one of the top miniature golf courses in the L.A. area. (You can pretend to be checking it out so you'll be ready when the son/daughter returns.)

Or you could plan to be one of the 80,000-plus visitors who take in the Sherman Oaks Chamber Street Fair that is so big it has events not found in other fairs. It's huge! There are two stages with live entertainment, and a car show, not your usual fair features, as well as the usual children's attractions and fair food fare.

Sherman Oaks notaries also recommend The Village, which hosts small boutiques, plazas and specialty shops that you don't find except in such a specialized commercial location. Top-rated restaurants offer ethnic foods from around the world.

In short, Sherman Oaks is one of the many California bedroom communities that has lots to offer.

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