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The early Holocene-era San Diegultos were the first folks known to have come to the area, arriving about 9000 BC after crossing from Asia via the Alaska land bridge. They hunted mastodons, giant bison and camels until a climate change dried up the animals' feeding grounds. Then starting in the mid-to-late 1700s, Spanish colonials followed the trails the natives had blazed to avoid the local marshes and inlets that made travel difficult. The George H. Jones family were the first white settlers on the land now known as Solana Beach, arriving in 1886.

Lack of water was a deterrent to heavy settlement, but the development of the Santa Fe Irrigation District in 1918 and other innovations, including concerted efforts to make the beach attractive and accessible gave the necessary jump-start for more growth. The beach, partially carved out of the shoreline over a three-month period by one man wielding a fire hose to gouge out huge chunks of land, opened to fanfare that included horse races on July 4, 1925.

In the decade after World War II, Solana Beach enjoyed the same boom that vitalized many California communities. Another uptick caused by the general housing boom of the last quarter of the 20th century ensured long life for the beach town. Sometime during all this growing and gaining, the first Solana Beach mobile notaries began their work, providing their important services to local residents or anyone passing through who needed a document authenticated. This is as kid-friendly town, so bring your youngsters along and let them learn first-hand how important a notary can be.

In 1986, two events of note occurred: Solana Beach officially incorporated and the community hosted funeral services for actor Desi Arnaz, who had died in Del Mar. The town again made headlines in 2003 when city officials enacted a smoking ban on its public beaches, the first in the country to do so. On the downside, a 66-year-old swimmer suffered a fatal shark attack off the beach in April 2008. An increase in seals -- favorite shark prey -- in the area was blamed for the attack.

The old flavor of Solana Beach is preserved in the La Colonia and Eden Gardens. The neighborhood was created in the 1920s by Mexican farmers who worked the ranches of Rancho Santa Fe. They formed a colonia nearby to accommodate the families and it was later part of a development project by a developer who used the historic aura as a marketing plus. Chicano rapper Lil Rob and comedian Rene Sandoval both were reared in the area.

Solana Beach only takes up four square miles of California. It's where some 13,000 residents dwell. The community has a well-deserved reputation for civic beautification. For instance, the carefully renovated central plaza, which features the Sun Burst Fountain, is a great landmark where you couldn't possibly miss the traveling notary who is standing by to put his official seal on a deed. Or you might opt for either of the two community centers, where adult education classes and civic groups meet and many community activities are held.

Things not to miss when you are in Solana Beach: the City Hall Art Gallery, Fletcher Park, Cedros Design District, Belly-up Tavern, the Windward Plaza Shopping Center, and, of course, the beach. That's what life is all about in this little city. Just beware of sharks.

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