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Isaac Newton Van Nuys would be astounded. The farming community he settled in the 1870s became one of the best known of the suburbs that grew up around the sprawling city of Los Angeles. Van Nuys bought into the San Fernando Homestead Association, a 60,000-acre swath that was perfect for ranching, particularly sheep. In 1876, the first wheat shipped out of the valley was a product of the association's efforts.

Today you'd have a hard time finding anything that recalls those first ventures in Van Nuys. Glimmerings of the shift to urbanization began in the early 1900s with aggressive development and with the creation of aqueducts that brought sufficient water to the valley to support a growing population. Van Nuys died in 1912, but his legacy of hard work and unusual foresight earned him the lasting sobriquet of "godfather" to the town he fostered.

As Los Angeles kept outgrowing its bounds, Van Nuys was one of the peripheral communities that was in place to take on the role of a vital "overflow" for the larger city's burgeoning needs. The Los Angeles Suburban Homes Co. engineered the largest land transaction ever undertaken in Los Angeles County, vastly expanding the original boundaries of the suburb and giving rise to neighborhoods that quickly erased any signs of the early agricultural efforts.

As in all California cities of any size, there are mobile notaries in Van Nuys, and they know all the places of interest where business can be conducted without breaking stride in your activities. For instance, you might meet your Van Nuys notary at the local airport, if you're pressed for time to catch a flight. The airport has a fantastic history. During World War II, it was bought by the U.S. government and after the war, resold to the city for $1. The airport area was featured in the movie classic "Casablanca." For many in the Los Angeles area, it's a quick 50-minute hop to Las Vegas that bypasses the traffic into LAX.

Locals refer to Gene's Garden as "a hidden gem." It's a jewel of a Japanese Garden that has been developed on 6 1/2 acres of the land surrounding the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant. Even those who have lived in the area for a long time may have overlooked the presence of this oasis tucked away in the bustling city of Van Nuys. It features a shoin building projecting over a lake and a continuous year-round display of colorful and exotic plant life. If you're looking for a beautiful place to have important documents notarized, arrange with your Van Nuys notary to meet at this perfect spot.

The city's archery club and training facilities has turned out some Olympic quality archers and in Woodlley Park, cricket teams from all over the area compete. National cricket championship competitions were held in the park in 1995 and 2000. The park also hosts such novelties as classic car shows, bagpipe contingents and Boy Scout activities.

Van Nuys is a thriving suburb with something for everyone, as your traveling notary will proudly tell you.

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