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Until the founding of the San Luis Rey Mission in 1798, the area now known as Vista was Indian country. The Luiseno Native Americans lived well off the land until the Spaniards moved into California and changed it forever. In the 1830s, when Mexico gained independence from Spain, the advent of large ranchos left a new imprint that lasted until the Mexican War found the United States the victor and new overseer of the lands.

New settlers tried their hands at agriculture on a larger scale, but were stymied by lack of water. Fewer than 1,000 residents were in Vista in when the first post office was opened in 1882. The community, of course, had no mobile notaries at that time, a lack that has since been remedied. Like California communities of all sizes, Vista has notaries at hand who conduct business anywhere the client desires.

In 1923, the local citizenry solved the problem of not enough water by tapping into Lake Henshaw. The flow of water opened up new opportunities and there was a mini-boom in Vista. Agriculture took off and the community produced great crops of tomatoes, celery and citrus fruits, not to mention the avocados that earned the town the sobriquet "Avocado Capital of the World."

So what do the local notaries do for fun in Vista? The town has two community-owned theaters. Moonligiht Amphitheater is an open-air venue that specializes in musical productions, claiming Broadway-caliber entertainment during the summer. If the 900-plus seats are taken, there is additional seating for 1,092 visitors in lawn chairs. When weather closes it down in winter, there is a seasonal concert venue called ClubM. The Avo is located in historic downtown Vista and is rented throughout the year for private performances.

Recreation opportunities include the Wave Waterpark in the downtown area that is open from mid-spring to early fall. New to the community is the Vista Community Sports Park. If you are an engine buff, stop in at the Gas and Steam Engine Museum, which features demonstrations of agricultural equipment from the 18th and 19th centuries. The city also boasts a Boomers family fun park, a good place to meet a mobile notary and take care of adult business while the kiddies entertain themselves.

One of only two Buddhist temples in California is located here, as is the Japanese-American Cultural Center.

Vista boasts some notable celebrities, including Don Prudhomme, known as Don "The Snake" when he was active in drag racing. He gained notoriety through his races against Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen, who now owns the Don Prudhomme Racing in Vista. Also noting a Vista address is Alan S. Thompson, retired U.S. Navy vice admiral and former director of U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

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