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Once your documents are notarized, record them (or have us do it for you) at the 
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Monrovia Notary gets a notary to your location 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.Monrovia is a city located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County, California. Monrovia is the fourth oldest general law city in Los Angeles County and the L.A. Basin. Monrovia Notary travels to your location in the Monrovia area to notarize your documents 24 hour a day any day. Established in 1887 as an incorporated city, Monrovia has grown from a sparse community of orange ranches to a residential community of 37,000 residents. People traveling between Los Angeles and San Bernardino traveled "via Monroe's Ranch," hence the name. Around 500 B.C., a band of Shoshonean-speaking Indians established settlements in what is now the San Gabriel Valley. These Native Americans came to be called the Gabrieliņo Indians by early Spanish explorers, and are now referred to as the Tongva. The Tongva did not practice agriculture, but instead relied upon the wild seeds, berries, and plants that grew near the rivers and marshlands. Since the San Gabriel Valley area was home to large numbers of oak trees, such as Coast Live Oak, and Interior Live Oak, a staple of the Tongva diet was an acorn mush made by boiling acorn flour. . The first Europeans visited the San Gabriel Valley, including Monrovia, during a 1769 expedition from San Diego to Monterey Bay commanded by Don Gaspar Portola. Accompanying Portola was a Franciscan Father from Father Junipero Serra's Franciscan order of Mexico, Juan Crespi, who served as the diarist of the expedition. Monrovia Notary carries some of the standard forms for your convenience.

In the county of Los Angeles a mobile notary located in Monrovia will come right to your location. Our notaries are loan signing agent specialist. The Traveling notary public can notarize any type of documents and we carry some of the common forms.  We provide apostilles service taking your documents to the Secretary of State and the Los Angeles recorder's office.  Serving Los Angeles county cities.

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