Loan Signing Notaries for Mortgages

Signing papers -- finally -- on your new home? You'll need the services of a notary public. Fortunately, there now are notaries qualified in witnessing signatures on mortgages and other loan papers. Many title and escrow companies now have a qualified person on staff. But before the day comes, review these items of signing "etiquette" and be ready to make the signing event as pleasant as possible.

This is an important occasion culminating a serious commitment of your money, particularly if a mortgage is being considered. No doubt your mind during this period is occupied not only with the home purchase, but the prospect of making a move and all that goes with that process. But don't rush the signing. Allow plenty of time, up to two hours, and clear your mind of other items. Deal with them later.

It is not a good idea to take small children to a business event such as a signing. They can be distracting at any time and if your family is facing changes, they might be more than ordinarily "hyped," demanding your attention when you should be focused on the business at hand.

Avoid any last-minute glitches by reviewing the documents before the signing date. That will prevent any snafus that could interfere with the signing as scheduled.

Be on time and be certain before arriving for the appointment that your loan officer or a knowledgeable representative will be available in person or by phone to give you help, if necessary, in understanding the complexities of the voluminous mortgage forms. They can stump even the experts sometimes. The escrow officer, who may also be a notary, is expert in her part of the process, but may not be aware of all of the intricacies of your particular home purchase.

Bring identification, such as a valid driver's license. A mobile notary requires proper identification as part of his of her authorization of signatures.

With the guidance of the loan officer, be sure to double-check that you have signed or initialed and dated every part of the document that requires it.

What if you discover an error in the final documents? The lender must give approval for any corrections and will not permit alterations in their documents. Work out any differences before proceeding.