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Sierra - Loyalton 95910, 95922, 95936, 95944, 95960, 96118, 96124, 96125, 96126
Traveling Notary Public a local mobile notary (530) 777-5344 to your location.

(530) 777-5344
No Walk-In Service
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Once your documents are notarized, record them (or have us do it for you) at the 
Sierra County Recorders Office:
100 Courthouse Sq, Downieville, CA 95936

Sierra County is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada and borders the state of Nevada. The Traveling Notary Public is a mobile notary service that offers an assortment of notary services in Sierra County and the surrounding Sierra Nevada area. Our mobile notary service is not only dependable, but designed to bring the convenience and experience of a professional notary to you or those you love. Whether it is notarizing signatures on documents or completing Apostilles our notaries are trained and ready to complete these tasks. For many people in Sierra County traveling to the Secretary of State’s office for an Apostilles or the county recorder for a deed is not an option. Therefore, a mobile notary service is perfect for the job. The Traveling Notary Public is available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day to take care of those important tasks. This experienced and dependable mobile notary company is designed to bring notary services to the client. In Sierra County we offer our services not only to hospitals, but care homes and rehabilitation centers. Most people will find that these notary services are not only affordable, but can be completed in the comfort of their own home, office or convenient location. Therefore, the Traveling Notary Public is the ideal mobile notary solution for the residents of Sierra County.

In the county of Sierra a mobile notary located in Sierra will come right to your location. Our notaries are loan signing agent specialist. The Traveling notary public can notarize any type of documents and we carry some of the common forms.  We provide apostilles service taking your documents to the Secretary of State and the Sierra recorder's office.  Serving Sierra county Loyalton cities.

Sierra Traveling Notary Public in Sierra County