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Before there were people in the city now known as Alameda, the area hosted one of the largest coastal oak forests in the world. Hard to believe, but true. Its first known name, in fact, was Encinal, or "forest of evergreen oak" in Spanish. That changed in 1853 when a popular vote favored Alameda-- "grove of poplar trees" or "tree-lined avenue."

For a time after the Mexican government gained freedom from Spain in California in the 1800s, the area was part of the Rancho San Antonio. The city was declared on June 6, 1853 and originally was comprised of parts of three communities. The city of Alameda was formed in June 1853. When the railroads came to California, it was known as the Alameda Mole, featuring connections between San Francisco ferries, local trolleys and the Southern Pacific Railroad.

In 1917, Neptune Beach, a resort comparable to Coney Island in New York, opened in the area that now is Crab Cove. It was the birthplace of the snowcone and popsicles. Hooray for Neptune Beach! The resort also featured the original Kewpie Doll as the prize for winning at the many games. Two large outdoor swimming pools were settings for competitions and exhibits by such noted swimmers as Johnny Weismuller, who starred in the original Tarzan movies.

In the 1930s, Pan American Airways established a seaplane port on the fill that led to the Alameda Mole. the port was the home base for the famous China Clipper flying boat. Alameda hosted a number of early air flight innovations and became a major site for air travel and commerce.

Historians fail to mention the exact date on which a mobile notary became available in Alameda, but there is no question now that there was such a date. A nice complement of such notaries provides services to residents of the city at any time and any place that is convenient. Planning a trip out of the country, for instance, and want to change your will before taking off? A notary can take care of that. With your signature on the updated document duly witnessed and sealed, you can make your trip at ease.

At one time, Alameda was a peninsula. Then, in the early 1900s. the need for expanded shipping facilities led to a decision to dredge a canal through the marshland between Oakland and Alameda. The latter became an island. Bay Farm Island is no longer such as fill has been poured into the area between the city and its neighbor, Oakland.

Notable in Alameda's folklore is the tale of noted author Jack London, who is reported to have taken time off from penning such novels as "The Call of the Wild" to take part in oyster pirating in the beds near Bay Farm Island.

Then there is the Alameda "spite house." Just 10 feet wide, it was built by the property owner just to spite his neighbor. There were a number of them in the city, built specifically to cut off a neighbor's view or his supply of sunshine-- or simply erected to harass a despised city official. One such structure, built by Charles Froling when he was thwarted in building a street where he wanted it, is 20 feet high, 54 feet long and 10 feet wide -- an architectural nightmare. Today, stricter building laws would frown on the spite houses, but as a noteworthy novelty, the old ones remain.

The city boasts one of the best absinthe distilleries in the United States. The St. George Spirits Works makes its brew in small batches iin beautiiful copper pot stills, which are carefully monitored for quality. Better to lose a small batch than a large one, company officials explain. Absinthe production was not legally condoned in the united states until 2007, but the Alameda distillers paid no attention, producing an outstanding product for 11 years before the drink was authorized.

Since 1998, Alameda has hosted the Alameda Point Antiques and Collectibles Faire, which has become the largest such gathering in northern California.More than 800 participants bring their wares on the first Sunday of every month to court prospective buyers. If you have a relic tucked in a drawer that might fit into the Faire description (nothing younger than 20 years and no reproduced items) then come join the folks with antique rocking chairs, vases, World War II era pottery, etc., and see if you can find a buyer. After a morning at the Faire, you may want to take a breather from commerce and have an Alameda mobile notary join you to have a mortgage paper notarized. It's all in a day's work.

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