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American writer Washington Irving gave such glowing commentary about Spain's magnificent palace, the Alhambra, that Bernard Yorba, owner of a vast rancho in Mexican-ruled California, was convinced that he should name his holding after the Spanish masterpiece. The original Alhambra is in Granada, Spain. Yorba's Alhambra became a suburb of growing Los Angeles, remaining unincorporated until 1903, when pro-incorporation adherents were able to out-vote those who had for years resisted because they feared higher taxes.

Back in the 1800s, Robert Fiske Bishop, who traveled to California with his family, described the area that was to become Alhambra thus: "There was not a school house, a store or a blacksmith shop. We saw a valley, wide and open, yellow with stubble, shimmering in the summer haze eastward, stretching from the blue mountains to the brown hills, with here and there a green blotch of young orchards and vineyards toward Pasadena or the foothills." Things got better.

Many of the city's homes retain historical significance, with an abundance of architectural styles. Twenty-six of the city's single-family residential areas have been designated "historic" neighborhoods by the city. With growth, new buildings have been raised, including condominiums, rental properties, mixed-use commercial/residential and other family-style building has been superimposed on the historic properties.

No doubt the corps of traveling notaries in Alhambra appreciate the city's colorful past, but their expertise is fully grounded in the modern uses of a notary's work. In today's society, the safeguarding of personal documents has brought their profession to the fore. They are trained and certified in all of the latest notary practices and in addition, are ready and willing to make things easy on their clients by meeting any time and place that the client chooses. Just for instance, say, that you have a yen for Chinese food. There are a number of choices in the Chinese business district. (You might opt for something in the renovated Garfield Theater where Judy Garland got her start in show biz.) Call the mobile notary and meet while you eat at the Chinese eatery of your choice. See how easy it is!

Chinese are just one of the ethnic groups that have chosen Alhambra for their American homes. The city has experienced several immigration waves, adding Italians, Mexicans and others to its rolls, as well as Asians.

Today's Main Street and Palm intersection has few vestiges of it, but in the 1880s, it was the site of the San Gabriel Wine Co., one of the city's earliest commercial ventures. The site was blasted out of a hillside and bricks for the processing plant were manufactured on the spot. Many Chinese and Mexican workers were hired to do the work that filled the huge oak tanks with up to a million and a half gallons of quality wine, made from grapes grown in several locations nearby.

The winery also held the distinction of being the first in the area to install a telephone. That happened in 1883, when telephones were still largely a novelty.

Until 2008, the Wing Lung Bank's Los Angeles Branch building boasted the largest glass tile mural in the country. It lost the distinction then, but you still can visit the bank. And the city has many other sites worth seeing, including "The Hat" neon sign, the Alhambra Place Shopping Center, Almansor Park, Dupuy's Pyrenees Castle, the old Garfield Theater, Granada Park, Twoey's Restaurant sign and others.

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