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One of the women who settled in Alpine in the 1880s thought the area looked a lot like her native Switzerland. She called it Alpine and the name stuck. Today it is a census-designated place located in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego County, mostly surrounded by the Cleveland National Forest and bordering on two Indian reservations.

Its history is relatively new, compared with that of the Kumeyaay Indians, evidence of whose occupation goes back as much as 12,000 years. Even so, Alpine has remained pretty rural, except for a small commercial district and a bit of suburban development that is fairly recent.

But if you are concerned that it might be lacking in the amenities, be assured that it has a group of mobile notaries who can provide all the services you could expect in a larger city. Local residents who have need of authentication of important personal documents have only to pull out the cell phone and make the call. A notary will be available to witness signatures and add the official seal that makes such a document legal. In today's world, there is a growing list of such documents that fall under the demand for notarization. In fact, any document that could ever be questioned in a court -- sales documents, adoption papers, etc. -- would benefit from the notary's touch.

Alpine has some unique attractions. For starters, there is the Lions, Tigers and Bears ranch, located just outside the community. More than 65 big cats and other exotic animal species live on the 94-acre preserve. Visitors, however, must make an appointment to visit the sanctuary. Arrangement can be made for social events such as weddings, corporate parties and birthday celebrations. Daily fees are charged for touring the sanctuary, but anyone with a particular interest can purchase a season pass.

Not the least interesting of the creatures that are involved in Lions, Tigers and Bears is Elihu Granville Martin, known locally as "Granny." People in the region see him as the "last of the Vaqueros (cowboys). He has a reputation as a fine creator of reatas, bits and spurs and for his skill with horses and other animals. It is through his efforts that the history of the sanctuary and the ranch that preceded it has been preserved. Some of the original ranch buildings now serve the needs of the preserve. A history of the area was planted, inside a bottle in one of the adobe walls. That was Granny's gift to the community in the late 1800s.

The evolution of Lions, Tigers and Bears has a more recent history. A young couple purchased the ranch and began collecting big cats and after a long search, found the property that now hosts the animal sanctuary. What Granny would think of all these exotic animals is anyone's guess, but his spirit lives on in the modern enterprise.

Another animal species that you might run into in the Alpine area is a hawk. A Walk With a Hawk is a unique local enterprise. The skies over San Diego are home to dozens of raptor species and at Sky Falconry you can get a close-up experience guided by experts. Classes and "hawk walks" take place on 26 acres bordering Cleveland National Forest. Experts Kirk Sellinger and Denise Disharoon can lead you into an experience that can't be equalled, getting the feel of a hawk flying from your gloved hand, explore its habitat and return. Those who have done it call it "nothing short of thrilling." Get in line for this unique experience by contacting Sky Falconry.

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