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For a long time, Altadena has fended off attempts by adjacent communities (read that Pasadena) to siphon off its lands through annexation. It remains an unincorporated area directly north of Pasadena and only 14 miles from the downtown Los Angeles Civic Center.

Altadena's survival through several cycles of California development rested primarily with the decisions of several eastern millionaires who built mansions on Mariposa Street in the late 1800s. The street was dubbed "Millionaires' Row." among those who had homes in the area was noted western/historical writer Zane Grey. He added a second-floor study to the home originally built for Arthur Herbert. Other notables in the neighborhood were newspaper moguls William Armiger Scripps and William Kellogg, whose properties abutted each other.

When the advent of mobile notaries caught on, Altadena was still a suburban area struggling to keep its boundaries intact as Pasadena grew. Although the smaller community managed to muster enough opposition to squelch Pasadena's wholesale annexation efforts, small portion of the town have been swallowed up by the larger city. Those mobile notaries today, however, are happy to call Altadena home. They are on call 24/7 to authenticate legal documents and will respond to calls to meet with clients wherever it is convenient.

On a long list of notable people who have called Altadena home is Sharon Stouder, who in 1964 made the home folks proud when she won three gold medals in swimming competitions of the Summer Olympics.

Although Altadenans have consistently resisted being absorbed by Pasadena, they are closely tied to the history of the larger community. A largely non-white population has emerged, influenced considerably by redevelopment and highway construction in Pasadena.

What to see and do while in Altadena? Try to be in the area during the Christmas holiday season. The oldest outdoor Yule lighting tradition in the world was born here. For more than a hundred years, the huge trees that line "Christmas Tree Lane" have sparkled in a seasonal display without peer. In 1990, the lane was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The old Mount Lowe Railway no longer provides transportation for goods and people in the area, but the route offers some excellent hiking. It used to take folks to the resorts in the San Gabriel Mountains. Now hikers enjoy the same scenery in a more leisurely way.

The community offers a free botanical garden experience. Pass through the historic gates and follow the winding driveway up to the old Cobb estate with its premier mansion. The U.S. Forest Service now oversees the gardens.

Farnsworth Park might by a good destination for you and one of Altadena's mobile notaries to meet and transact business. A mortgage agreement, for instance, might be signed, witnessed and sealed before you go on to treat your family to the usual park amenities. Picnic on the pleasant grounds, for instance. The park has a clubhouse and amphitheater for special events.

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