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Arcadia is the site of the vaunted Santa Anita horse racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Not bad for a relatively small (56,300-plus people) community right in the heart of the Los Angeles complex of suburban area. How is came to be named for Arcadia Greece, is a matter left to the historians.

It is plush. Business Insider listed it 5th most expensive, housing-wise, in the country in 2016. The average cost of a four-bedroom home is listed at $1,748,680. How would that figure have set with the Tongva folk, an indigenous people who were in the area as early at 8,000 years before Spanish explorers began to snarf up big sections of California?

Arcadia was part of the Spanish Mission San Gabriel Arcangel in the late 1700s. At that point, the Tongvas became known as Gabrielinos. The next historic era saw it as part of the Rancho Santa Anita, issued to Perfecto Hugo Reid and his Tongva wife. Perfecto documented Tongva history in great detail in a series of letters written in 1852.

Just when did mobile notaries become part of Arcadia's mix? The date may be uncertain. But what is for sure is that there now are such notaries on hand at a minute's call. They are trained and use their expertise to validate documents of all kinds that now require a notary's touch to be legal.

By the time the 1900s had arrived, Arcadia was making its presence felt by offering entertainment, sports and gamb- ling, including an embryonic version of the Santa Anita race track. The city incorporated in 1903. During the First World War, the city was site of the U.S. Army Ross Field Balloon School, located on what ultimately became the race track. Balloonists were trained to observe enemy activities from hot air craft.

Scenes from the city's early history are preserved in paintings by local artists Edna Lenz and Justine Wishek that can be viewed in the city hall.

Thoroughbred horse racing flourish for a time in the early 1900s, but then it was banned by the state. Racing was legalized again in the 1930s and Arcadia was ready. The Santa Anita Park was opened in 1934. The races attracted a lot of filmdom's notables, including Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Edgar Bergen, Jane Russell, Cary Grant, Esther Williams and others. Bing Crosby, Joe E. Brown, Al Jolson and Harry Warner were among many stockholders. But one of the most enduring names to outlast the track's heyday was Seabiscuit, the horse who became the subject of several movies.

During World War II, Santa Anita racetrack was the Assembly Center for Japanese-American citizens, who were assigned to internment camps throughout the country. The center was the largest of the 18 installations, holding some 18,000 people of Japanese extraction (including actor George Takai) in 400 temporary barracks. Even horse stalls were converted to living quarters. In 1942, the Santa Anita quarters were basically emptied as camps became available inland. Later in the war, the California center was converted to a prison for POWs, notably those captured in Africa in the battles with Rommel's German Afrika Korps.

In 1947, 11 acres of the old Baldwin Ranch were deeded to California and Los Angeles County and developed into the county Arboretum and Botanic Garden, a good place to meet with a notary to take time to sniff the roses and to put the sealing touch on important documents, such as deeds or adoption papers.

For a time in the 1960s, there was an edict that no property could be sold within Arcadia except to a white Protestant. The U.S. Supreme Court put an end to that provision, declaring it unconstitutional.

Although historically the Santa Anita racetrack has been the core of the community's activities, the city has grown into a prosperous suburb and prime residential area, complete with traveling notaries. Now, there's something you can bet on with no fear of losing!

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