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That "A" on the San Gabriel Mountains stands for Azusa. You can see it anywhere within a 30-mile radius of the area. "Azusa stands for everything from A to Z in the USA" has been a snappy little description for many years, capitalizing on the unusual spelling. Actually, the area dates back to the Mexican Alta California era in the 1800s, when it was called by the name of a Mexican land grant named Rancho el Susa. Actually, the name may have derived from an even earlier Tongva Indian place name, " Asuksagna."

The first written references to Azusa were found int he diary of Father Juan Crespi, a diarist and engineeer with the Portola Expeditionthat scouted the area on the party's way northward from San Diego. He commented favorably on the river and the valley to the north. The area was then the domain of Shoshone Indians.

Whatever. Today it is Azusa. Through several political upheavals and governance changes, it has held its own. In 1870, it was listed in the U.S. Census as the township of Azusa-ElMonte. Ten years later it appeared in the census as the township of San Josi and Azusa. Attempts were made to drop the San Josi, but they were sporadic and there are many errors in the index for that era. The city of Azusa was incorporated in 1896.

Over time, schools, businesses and homes brought the usual accouterments to the city. Today, there is a fully developed community, complete with a corps of traveling notaries, whose services are as simple to obtain as making a phone call. They are willing to meet with clients wherever and whenever there is a need. With a growing number of personal documents that require a notary's seal to pass muster legally, they provide a valuable service to the community.

In 1971, Azusa gained national attention when a Life Magazine article focused on teenage pregnancy used the community high school's program to support young mothers as an example of good things being accomplished. Instead of shunning unwed teen mothers and excluding them from school, Azusa's Citrus High encouraged them to stay in school and complete their education.

When gold fever struck California in the mid-1800s, the metal was discovered in the San Gabriel Canyon and a community dubbed Doradoville sprang up to take care of prospectors and miners who flooded the area. Over the next 20 years, some $12 million in gold came out of the Doradoville workingss. It was shipped to mints across the country. Flood waters in 1861-62 erased the mining town.

The advent of railroads brought new settlers and increased business opportunities. The rails spawned a town called Gladstone which survived for a couple of decades before being absorbed into Azusa.

Azusa River Wilderness Park gives hikers an opportunity to see one of the local rivers in a natural state and not channeled into a concrete trench, as most of the Los Angeles-area rivers have been for ages. The park offers a great hike (kid and dog friendly) that culminates in some of the most dramatic natural scenery in the LA area. Azusa's mobile notaries can probably fill you in on the places where vestiges of the ancient native cultures can be found. They preserve a history of human inhabitation that has stretched over many centuries in the Azusa area.

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