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Hollywood! Who can figure it out? The "Beverly Hillbillies" sitcom was actually filmed largely in Bel Air. And "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, another long-running favorite, was filmed in Brentwood. Such oddities aside, the community of Bel Air has a close association with the entertainment industry.

For instance, the Bel Air Film Festival has been running since 2008, drawing an international crowd of film fans. The festival highlights new and upcoming films.

Founded in 1923, Bel Air one of the most affluent communities in the entire country. With Beverly HiIls and Holmby Hills, it is part of the vaunted Platinum Triangle of Los Angeles neighborhoods. The most pricey piece of real estate in America is here -- the $350 million Bel Air Estate, owned by the late TV executive Jerry Perenchino.

It's not likely that the local Bel Air mobile notaries are standing in line to snap up the estate, but they do provide an invaluable service to the community, ready at a phone call to meet with clients where and when the client desires. They are full trained in all of the uses of notary work and can provide the witness and seal that are legally required for many personal documents.

You might, for instance, choose to meet with a traveling notary on the grounds of the Hannah Carter Japanese Gardens, an elegant botany oasis that was designed by Nagao Sakurai. It became a bone of contention when UCLA, which had become owner through a bequest in 1965. When the university sought to be released from the terms of the donation and wanted to sell the garden because of rising maintenance costs, a whole host of people and organizations interested in public gardens rebelled. After a complex court battle, the university was allowed to sell the garden with the caveat that new owners would have to maintain it as a garden for at least 30 years. UCLA contributed a half million dollar endowment, with the income devoted to helping preserve the garden.

Bel Air is not an ethnically diverse city. The population is 83 percent white, 8 percent Asian, 5 percent Latino and 1 percent black. Tourists holding maps guiding them to the homes of the rich and famous are a common sight. They all hope to snatch a glance at the residences (:or former residences) of such notables as Jennifer Aston, Leonard Nimoy , Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock or Joni Mitchell.

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