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One of the unincorporated cities that cluster around Los Angeles, Bell is located on the west bank of the Los Angeles River. It is only 2.5 square miles and is the 13th smallest city in the United States that has a population of at least 25,000. The 2010 census had Bell at 35,477.

Since Nov. 29, 2005, Bell has been a charter city under California law. That status exempted the city's officials from state salary caps and Bell was soon embroiled in a scandal because city officials votedd themselves extraordinarily high salaries.

Human habitation in Bell dates back thousands of years. Gabrielino Indians were in the area at least 500 years B.C. Spanish explorers showed up in the 1600s and during the Mexican dominance, a 30,000-acre rancho was granted Don Antonio Maria Lugo. From 1916-19, Lugo was mayor of a little town called Los Angeles. The original Lugo home still stands, claiming the honor of being the oldest house in Los Angeles County.

In 1876, settlers arriving in southern California included James George Bell, his wife, Sudan Abia Hollenbeck Bell and their two children. They acquired about 360 acres and began to establish a community. They gave their name to the town. By the beginning of the 20th century, the town was still a sleepy little agricultural center, but community pride was already event. Residents pooled resources to provide the facilities and services for a library. The town provided the books.

A population explosion in the period from 1920-35 saw the makings of a real city. The Alcalzar Theater began to show silent movies, public parks were set aside and infrastructure provided citizens with the typical amenities of the era.

All of that is taken for granted in Bell today. The city even has mobile notaries, the mark of a thriving community. All of the special attention to personal documents that is part of today's living is available at a single phone call. The word "mobile" means that one of these professionals will meet with clients at any time or place that serves the client's needs. Wills, deeds, powers of attorney, temporary custody for children -- these and dozens more situations that require an authenticated document can all be handled easily and in a timely manner.

In March 2000, Bell was spotlighted by the news media when it was learned that a shipment of 55 Oscar statuettes aimed for the annual movie awards ceremony was missing. It was the second misadvenlure for the Oscars in a month, as 4,000 of them had been misrouted earlier. It became The missing awards were located by the U.S. Post Office, which found them in a Bell processing center. The matter became grist for some jokes by those who were to take part in the presentation ceremonies, including Billy Crystal, that year's host, who suggested that people involved in the ceremony should steer clear of Bell, "which seems to be a Bermuda Triangle for Oscar things."

Despite such little glitches in its history, Bell is a good place to live. It has made an effort to preserve its past and provide recreation facilities for its residents. The city's community center hosts a variety of events and Treder Park, part of the community center, welcomes families for outdoor recreation. The city also has a soccer field in Ernest Debs Park, along with facilities for fitness activities, an outdoor amphitheater for films, a mini golf course, meeting facilities and so on and so forth. A something for everyone type of place.

James George Bell, pioneer, agriculturist, cattle rancher, water well developer, and overall entrepreneur, would be proud of what his little settlement became.

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