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At one point, Californian City (then unbuilt) was hailed in concept as the third largest metropolis in California, 34th largest in the United States. That's a lot of recognition for a city that turned out to be pretty much not much. There are streets, of course. For decades, no houses lined the streets. No electric lines delivered power to inhabited structures. Seen from above, there were indications of a thriving urban center, but without residents.

What happened here? Well, it all grew out of Ned Mendelsohn's dream. He was a real estate developer and sociology professor who intended to build a city to rival Los Angeles, a desert metropolis that could accommodate hundreds of thousands of residents on 320 square kilometers of Mohave desert. A 105,218-square-meter artificial lake (water pumped in, of course) would provide an oasis of greenery and blessed coolness for the residents.

Alas, like the dreams of many would-be developers of the 1950s and 1960s, the dream outstripped the reality. In some cases, a community actually evolved, but for California City, the best that could be said was that it was a good idea that died a-borning. However, the shell of the notion remains, The ambitious development that was going to be a model of urban planning, now hosts a growing city of 14,600 -- plenty large enough to support a traveling notary to serve the community's needs. Clearing the area of the remnants of Mendelsohn's grandiose plans has opened up land to new development. It incorporated in 1955.

The massive California Correctional Center, built to accommodate 2,305 prisoners, is the most notable industry. There also is a Hyundai/Kia testing facility. Edwards Air Force Base, where the sound barrier was first breached, is nearby.

Ask a California City notary what to do in town that is being resurrected and he'll point you in the direction of the Silver Saddle Club and surrounding golf courses. And the area is one of the top three birding destinations in southern California. Huge numbers of birds migrating along the Pacific Flyway pass through the area, located in the northern Antelope Valley in Kern County. Bikers, hikers and off-road enthusiasts also have taken note.

Your mobile notary friend also might alert you to the significant aerospace developments being originated and tested in the area. Huge numbers of military personnel are stationed at nearby bases that are on the cutting edge of such development.

Since the early days in the 1870s when the desert land now occupied by California City was just a water stop on the Southern Pacific Railroad, the town has experienced several incarnations, but all indications now are that it will have steady growth. Not on the level Mendelsohn envisioned, but good enough to be acknowledged as a great place to set down roots.

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