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Native American groups that inhabited the area now designated Canoga Park left their mark in the Burro Flats Painted Cave. Now, some 60,000 residents, highly diverse ethnically, call it home. It has been through several incarnations, first as a Spanish mission, then a Mexican rancho, then a community called Owensmouth and then Canoga park. It went through the same changes as it evolved from a primarily wheat farming area to a bustling modern community.

History doesn't mention when mobile notaries first appeared on the Canoga Park scene, but they have made their contribution to the city. Ready at the ring of the phone to meet with clients at the most convenient spot, they have all the expertise necessary to witness signatures and put a legal seal on the wide variety of personal documents that call for such attention. The list is long -- deeds, wills, powers of attorney, papers related to adoption, etc. etc. etc. -- and getting longer. The notary's seal is proof of the authenticity of a document and protects its legal integrity.

Long before the first traveling notary arrived on the scene, though, Canoga Park had begun the journey from agricultural to residential status. Huge ranches gave way in the early 1900s to a planned community. At a special opening day barbecue for the highway that connected communities from Hollywood to Cahuenga Pass, the "Owensmouth Baby" was introduced. This remarkable race car could go up and down the paved Sherman Way at the incredible speed of 35 mph. The "Baby" motif was a reminder that Owensmouth was the "baby city" of the San Fernando Valley. It was, in fact, fated to remain a small community.

Annexation to Los Angeles was a foregone conclusion as the larger city snarfed up an array of smaller communities that lay on its outskirts. When Canoga Park became an adjunct of the metropolis on Feb. 26, 1917, it was still called Owensmouth, but in 1931, it changed names and settled into being Canoga Park. Interspersed with the usually agricultural pursuits such as fruit, vegetable and melon production, there eventually were a movie/TV studio and a stunt location to serve the entertainment industry.

In 1955, Rocketkdyne, then a division of North American Aviation, became a major employer in the area, along with Atomics International and Santa Susana Field Laboratory. Other space-age industry followed, such as Thompson Ramo Woodridge-TRW, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, Boeing and Teledyne. They drew smaller businesses such as machine shops and other ancillary providers. Changes continue to occur, but the industry still provides a solid economic base for the community.

In 2005, Canoga Park was named an All-American City. It has drawn a number of well-known celebrities, including child actress Judith Barsi, Dorsey Burnette, rockabilly/country singer and songwriter; Bob Burns, musical comedian, radio and film actor and inventor of the "bazooka, actors Bryan Cranston and Francis Lederer (the latter served as honorary Canoga Park Mayor); and volleyball star Eugene Selznick.

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