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My, how you've grown, Chula Vista. Now, with more than 240,000 residents, you are the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area and seventh largest in southern California. You'd make the early Spanish and Mexican residents from centuries earlier gasp.

As is often the case in California, it was water that made the difference. The completion of the Sweetwater Dam in 1888 assured agricultural success. In particular, it was lemons with which Chula Vista made its mark early on. Although water played a vital role in the development of the city, it also created havoc now and again. In 1916, when the Lower Otay Dam failed, raging floor waters claimed up to 50 lives.

Today, Chula Vista hosts one of the country's year-round U.S. Olympic Training centers and is home to the Mattress Firm Amphitheater and the Chula Vista Marina, all tourist magnets.

Not to mention the availability of a covey of mobile notaries who serve the thriving community by responding to calls to bring their skills and their seals to any convenient location.

The ochards that had provided a living for many area residents disappeared to a large extent when Rohr Aircraft Corp. moved in only months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, sinking much of the world into World War II. Thousands of people who crowded into Chula Vista to take war-related jobs stayed when the war was over and Chula Vista was on its way to becoming a burgeoning city and the growth spurt continues to this day.

Tourism is one of the lynch pins of the local economy, making it even more important for the availability of mobile notaries. You don't have to be one of the home folks to have your notary needs met quickly and efficiently. Simply look it up and made the call. The notary's efficiency will leave you plenty of time to visit such sites as one of the many golf courses, the Chula Vista Nature Center, Otay Valley Regional Park, Sleep Train Amphitheater, OnStage Playhouse, the marina and the many exhibits that feature local flora and fauna, with ocean life, obviously, leading the way.

Hikers of all skill levels are welcomed on the Rice Canyon Trail. It is open year-round, a tribute to southern California's pleasant weather, and is a great break from the bustle of the city. Match your time to the occasion and show up for the annual Chula Vista Lemon Festival, a salute to the agricultural past of the area. Line up for the Lemon Pie Eat-Off and, if you happen to grow any lemons in your yard, bring the largest to compete in the big lemon competition.

In an area where the Hispanic traditions spread a proprietary sheen over just about everything, there is always the Italianissimo Trattoria, which has a 30-plus year tradition of the best in Mediterranean dining. It was started by an Italian who was working on a cruise ship when he hit the San Diego area. He stayed to make his reputation with an Italian cuisine that shines.

If theater is your dish, plan to meet a Chula Vista notary at the Sleep Train Amphitheater before the curtain goes up. You can tend to any of the many business and personal items that require a notary's touch before catching a performance by some of the country's top performers. Get tickets beforehand. It's a popular place.

This is ocean side and you don't want to miss the dramatic scenes at the Chula Vista Marina. A camera is a must as masts seemingly grow right out of the ocean.Add the beauty of birds and sky and you've got a winner.

Bottom line. In Chula Vista, there's no such word as "bored." The trick is to fit it all in.

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