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Ballyhooed as "one of the best cities for young families in California," Clovis works hard to maintain that reputation. It is one of the towns that sprang up in the mid-1800s to serve the growing railroad traffic that marked the era. Clovis, in fact, was born when the San Joaquin Railroad ran its rails right up the corridor created when the borders of the farms belonging to Clovis Cole and George Owen were purchased by the railway. The station was built on the Owen side of the divide, but Clovis' name was given to the town.

The town's streets were named primarily after railroad principals. The history of the area followed a national pattern: a deep national decline that left farmers with produce worth so little that the proximity of the railroad didn't mean much. The San Joaquin line was leased to Southern Pacific and later sold to the larger company. Lumbering in the Sierra Nevada mountains helped Clovis residents to survive the economic downturn, and they built their own small rail system to move lumber around the mill and yard, then connected with the San Joaquin line south of the Clovis station.

When the lumber mill burned in 1914, it was not rebuilt. Too bad. You can't arrange to meet a local mobile notary at the old lumber mill, but there are dozens of other locations where you could meet one to have your documents notarized. There is a cadre of qualified notaries in the city who are trained to handle any of the many legal papers you need in today's business transactions. Make a simple call and one of them will be at your service in jig time.

With the decline in railroading and agriculture pursuits, ingenious Clovis residents have found other ways to attract attention. For instance, a rodeo reflecting the community's Western bent has been running since 1914. You can expect it the last weekend of April every year. The city also sponsors a number of events touting the slogan of "Clovis, A Way of Life," including several street festivals, Big Hat Days, Clovis Fest. Friday night farmer's markets May through September and other events.

In addition to these events, Clovis points to the quality of life that attracts young families to its city: affordable homes, good schools (high school graduation in the 92-plus range), 285 acres of parks and outdoor recreation opportunities, easy access to the Sierra Nevada mountains, average salaries rising, etc. etc.

The historic aura of Clovis' downtown has been preserved as much as possible, with restoration of some of the old buildings contributing to the rebirth of the area as "Old Town Clovis," a neighborhood of vintage-looking stores and businesses that sport original or rebuilt facades mirroring the early times. It's the perfect setting for a meeting with one of the local traveling notaries, who can likely share stories of this hometown as well as putting his or her seal on the papers surrounding the purchase or sale of property, creatiion of a will, designation of someone to hold power of attorney for you, temporary custody of a child or any of a number of documents that aren't legal without that notary seal.

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