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Notary Since: March 2017
Availability: evenings, weekends
Areas Covered: Culver City
Raised Seal Embosser: No

State Notary Seal Oath and Bond location: Los Angeles County

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31 years of of business experience in many professional capacities over a wide array of businesses to her role as a finance professional in the areas of education, non profit, philanthropic and financial planning. Specialties include Planned Giving and financial stewardship as they relate to life insurance, estate planning, business development and succession and financial leverage. As Vice President Finance of Silk Fashion Galleries, Inc. she was the liaison for a Venture in compiling a Private Placement Memorandum for an Initial Public Offering. Lucille earned her Masters in Business Administration major in Accounting from Keller Graduate School of Business Management, graduated with distinction. She received an academic achievement scholarship from CalCPA. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Commerce major in Accounting from the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Philippines where she became a licensed Certified Public Accountant. She graduated Magna Cum Laude. Today, she draws upon her decades of business success to help others enhance their credit and secure their financial futures. As a result of her professionalism, she has received numerous recognition. Her honors have included United Way Women’s Summit 2016, Letter of Commendation from a US Navy Rear Admiral. My mission to help people provide security for their families, protect their businesses, plan for the future, support philanthropy, contribute to social enterprise and education, and improve their overall wealth, personal satisfaction and sense of security.
On a brighter note, Baldwin Hills (which is next to Culver City) became the home of a number of mobile notaries who "flood" the city with a vital service. They are available at any time and will meet clients at any spot the clients choose. They are trained and credentialed to put an official seal on any personal document, such as a power of attorney, which assures that you will have a trusted and reliable proxy to sign personal papers and make important decisions should you become disabled. That's just one of the many services Baldwin Hills notaries perform. If you have questions, ask.

Many of the locals call their town "The Dons" after the title held by the original landowners when it was part of the California "rancho" system. It has a glorious setting, with many hillside houses that boast swimming pools. Modern condominiums often jut out from steep hillsides, supported on stilts.

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