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A relative newcomer to the list of California cities, Desert Hot Springs is blossoming into a popular resort area with the usual desert amenities.

The city was founded by L.W. Coffee in July 1941 on a site that was only a mile square. It incorporated in 1963 with just a thousand or so residents. The name reflects the presence in the area of a number of natural warm springs. Snowbirds wanting to escape winter have been happy to congregate in the city since the 1950s, but the resident population remains small-townish.

The mobile notary in Desert Hot Springs could fill you in on the community's history in a matter of minutes. Hilda Maude Gray staked a claim in 1908, followed by Cabot Yerxa, who discovered the hot water aquifer on Miracle Hill. Uniquely, the San Andreas Fault bisects the area, creating a cold water aquifer on the other side of the warm spring. That water is good for drinking.

Among the places you might visit in Desert Hot Springs is the large Pueblo Revival Style house Yerxa built, adding to it over a period of 20 years. It was designated a state historical site after his death in 1965.

To no one's surprise, one of the main attractions of the Desert Hot Springs area is the collection o fwarm water resorts that attract worn- out city dwellers for a relaxing dip in restorative, healing mineral waters. If that's you, call ahead to have a Deseret Hot Springs notary meet you to complete document signing in a relaxed atmosphere. The springs are located high on the hills overlooking Palm Springs ad the boutiques that have sprung up around the springs offer the full gamut of spa services. Visitors come from around the world to enjoy the pleasure of choosing among treatment styles: Mid-Century Modern, Moroccan, restored Hacienda, B&B, casual, classic, clothing-optional and more. The spring waters are pure and odor free.

Are you familiar with the word "balneology?" Not to worry. Few people are. It is the name of the scientific study of the therapeutic benefits of natural mineral waters. Studies in Europe and Japan have discovered that a soak in such waters can increase your blood circulations and cell oxygenation, help to balance the body's natural sysstems, reduce pain and increase mobility. You don't have to be a scientist to test the effects for yourself. Just dip into the water and relax.

After the dip, meet your Desert Hot Springs mobile notary at Cabot's Pueblo Museum, which had earlier incarnations as Cabot;s Old Indian Pueblo Museum, Cabot's Trading Post and Yerxa's Discovery. It contains artifacts of Native American and Alaskan cultures along with memorabilia of early desert homestead life.

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