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By California standards, Duarte is small -- fewer than 22,000 population and losing, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. But small doesn't particularly describe the town. It lies on the historic old Route 66 and preserves that history through an annual Salute to Route 66 Parade on Huntington Drive, the route's historic site.

Much earlier, several hundreds of years before the current era, groups of Shoshonean-speaking Native Americans lived on the land that later became known as the San Gabriel Valley. Had you paid a social call on one of these settlements, you might have been served a helping of their food staple, Acorn mush. Remnants of those early Native Americans, now known as the Tongva, still live in the area. Spanish explorers arrived in the 1700s, created missions and then gave way to the Mexicans, who, in turn, were succeeded by Americans at the conclusion of the Mexican/American War in the mid-1850s.

Duarte followed the usual history of California's coastal towns, thriving first on citrus productions and later settling into the role of bedroom community for the workers in high tech businesses in surrounding towns. The town got its name from Corporal Andres Duarte, who was granted several thousand acres of prime land in the San Gabriel Valley. The first school in the town took the name of Dr. Nehemiah Beardslee. Corporal Duarte eventually divided his land into 40-acre lots, sold to individuals. His "rancho" grants ended up in legal hassles, but by the time he received a favorable settlement with the courts, his land had been sold.

It's likely no current historian could tell you precisely when the first mobile notary began serving the population of Duarte. It's enough to know that there are such citizens in the community now. If you have an official document that requires a notary's seal, they stand ready to respond to a call to meet you whenever and wherever it is convenient. That's why they have earned the distinction "traveling notary." And they are professionals, thoroughly trained in all of the legalities surrounding notarized papers.

While you wait for an opportunity to meet one of these experts, however, there are things to do and see in Duarte. Plenty of shopping for those so inclined.

The small city has the distinction of having been named Number One on the Forbes Magazine list of the country's most expensive ZIP Codes in 2010. Don't let that designation scare you when you seek out a mobile notary in Duarte. His or her fee will be reasonable and consistent with the profession's standards.

Duarte remains a healthy, upscale and independent community today through the efforts of a feisty bunch of residents who in the mid-1950s were determined to resist attempts by neighboring towns to annex them. The town incorporated in 1957.

The small city hosted two acclaimed hospitals over time, the first being the Jewish Consumptive Relief Association, where patients were treated in a small tent city. That eventually evolved into the City of Hope National Medical Center, now internationally known for its cutting-edge treatment of cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. It's not surprising, given the fact that many of Duarte's first residents chose the location based on its reputation for healthful living.

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