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The Big Box," or El Cajon, is a carryover from the early 1800s, when settlers were impressed by the "boxed in" nature of the valley in which it began to grow. The name fluctuated between Cajon and El Cajon until a post office moved in, then became officially ElCajon. But a local historian insisted on the space between El and Cajon and that's where it came to rest in 1905.

One of the conditions under which California was ceded to the United States at the end of the Mexican War in 1848 was that the huge Mexican ranchos were to remain intact. Under the U.S. Land Act of 1851, Thomas W. Sutherland filed a claim on behalf of Maria Estudilo, who had come to California from Peru in 1838 to operate a trading business. In 1876, a hotel was built to accommodate the escalating number of people traveling between San Diego and Julian, where gold had been discovered in 1869. A guest and a horse could be overnighters at the hotel for $1.

Over time, following the usual pattern for growth and expansion in California, El Cajon came to be a nice place to live. It incorporated in 1912. Among its residents today are a group of notaries who are available to meet clients anywhere it is convenient. They are trained and well-versed in the laws that regulate their profession so the can handle any document you can come up that requires a notary's seal to be official.

But while you're waiting for an El Cajon notary to arrive, don't be tempted to light up with a novelty lighter. That's a no-no in El Cajon. The municipal ordinance specifically bans the retail sale, offer of retail sale, gift or distribution of novelty lighters within its jurisdiction. The idea is to protect children from injury because they have been attracted to a lighter that has buttons that initiate visual effects or that resemble toys or characters with which they are familiar. Part of the ban is a lighter that resembles any human body parts. Other than this peculiar prohibition of novelty lighters, El Cajon is a charming place, the traveling notary with whom you deal will attest.

One of the attractions of the city for people interested in fourth dimensional physical properties is the presence in the community of the Unarius Academy of Science. Unarius is an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. The nonprofit foundation offers education in such things as how to solve problems that occurred in a previous life. The founders, Ernest and Ruth Norman (her spiritual name is Uriel) claim to have visited Mars, he in 1955 and she in 1977. They believe that today's Chinese people are descendants of Martians who tested out Earth for possible settlement if predictions that a Supernova collision would destroy their planet came true. They found Earth unsuitable because of the warlike attitudes of its peoples. Those left on Mars have moved their civilization underground, the Unarians believe.

Thousands of students wordwide participate in the foundation's educational programs via home study. People visiting El Cajon are welcome to view the center's visionary artwork and artifacts. Before you settle into a tour, however, be sure that you have taken care of essential business. Meet an El Cajon notary at the academy, sign on the dotted line to authenticate your signature, and then take time to enjoy your tour.

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