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This is where the historic Santa Fe Trail ends. The city lies between the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo rivers and from the late 1770s and into the 1830s, it was a stop for Spanish soldiers and missionaries, who named it El Monte. That means "the mount" in Spanish, but there was no mount in the area. Historians trace the name back to an archaic Spanish word that indicated "the wood."

The land was rich and those who settled there claimed that "anything can be grown" in the area. It became a supplier of agricultural products. In the 1850s, when the United States began its exploitation of California's riches as a result of winning the Mexican/American War, El Monte was declared a township. For a time, it was called Lexington, but it soon reverted to El Monte.

Indian raids and bandit gangs gave the town a bad reputation and led to formation of a local militia called the Monte Rangers. Fortunately, that era passed. Now it is a peaceful and law-abiding community that has a group of mobile notaries who meet with clients at any time and in any place of the client's choice. These traveling notaries are professionals who are schooled in all of the uses of a notary. In today's world, personal documents that require a notary's seal go well beyond the historic wills, deeds, powers of attorney and other traditional documents of an earlier era. Any paper that has legal connotations is well-served by the addition of the notary's witness and seal. All it takes to bring you this expertise is a phone call.

During the Civil War, there was a lot of sympathy in El Monte for the southern states. There was a local move to secede from California as a show of sympathy. A militia named the Monte Mounted Rifles was organized. However, just as the secession of the southern states from the Union failed, the El Monte rebellion failed as well. But it took a show of northern spirit in the form of the New Camp Carleton camp of Union soldiers to persuade the El Monte rebels. The Union camp was shut down three years after the Civil War ended.

During the 1930s, the city became a major site for the New Deal's federal Subsistence Homestead project that offered housing for qualifying applicants. White farmers displaced by the Dust Bowl disaster came to the area to work for the Farm Security Administration. Social and labor conflicts were part of that scene.

The Santa Fe Trail Historical Park was built in 1989 in commemoration of the Trail as a significant feature of America's westward movement. The El Monte Historical Museum is considered one of the best of its kind in California. Meet one of the local traveling notaries there, take care of business and then spend some time in the past.

In the 1950s, when police pressure began to ease rock 'n roll out of the city's limits, a lot spilled over into El Monte. Concerts brought the early legends of the genre to town. The El Monte Legion Stadium was the "happening place to be."

Over the years, the town became largely Hispanic in nature, then after the turn of the century, there was increasing influx of Asians.

Among the famous people who have called El Monte home is Willie Shoemaker, horse racing's most famous jockey.

The American Military Museum is located here, showcasing in particular the evolution of transportation from horse-drawn artillery to self-propelled cannon.

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