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With a population nudging up toward the 200,000 mark, Garden Grove is a relative newcomer among Orange County cities. It was not settled until Alonzo Cook brought people to the small community where he had built a school and a church in 1874. It remained an obscure crossroads until 1905 when the railroad came to town. The old Iron Horse gave the residents an outlet for their agricultural products and soon their crops of oranges, walnuts, chili peppers and strawberries were creating a rollicking boom.

The town suffered a setback when the Long Beach earthquake shook its moorings, leaving the business district a shambles. But the Garden Grovers rebuilt and were ready for the post-World War II boom that brought rapid development of the city.

If you lived in Garden Grove, you'd have plenty of distractions to choose among for a fun day off. You'd also have a choice among the group of traveling notaries who serve the area. They are trained, efficient community servants who respond quickly, traveling to any site in the area to do their work at your convenience. There are dozens of documents that now require notarization, and they have an understanding of all of them.

Too bad that you just missed the annual Memorial Day weekend event in Garden Grove, but put it on the calendar for next year. An estimated 250,000 people do just that each year. It's one of the largest annual celebrations held in the Western United States. Stick around, for sure, for the cutting of the world's largest strawberry shortcake as Garden Grove celebrates its agriculture heritage.

There are two live performance theaters in the city, Gem Theater and Festival Amphitheater. Shakespeare Orange County holds forth in the latter theater during the annual Shakespeare Festival. Foresooth! And a pox upon ye if ye miss it!

After the fall of Saigon in the 1970s, there was a large infux of Vietnamese refugees who came to add a bit of Oriental culture to Garden Grove. Chinese and Koreans also carved themselves a niche when they were displaced from their countries of origin. Part of their legacy is a wealth of delicious foods and merchandise served in their restaurants, supermarkets and bakeries. That might be a good choice for a morning visit with a mobile notary who can sign and seal your will or deed while you do a taste-test of Oriental foods.

Historic Main Street offers a step backward into the past with period buildings and cultural reminders of the city's fascinating beginnings. Arguably tlhe most iconic of the buildings is the Crystal Cathedral, built in 1981 as a house of worship and operated by Crystal City Ministries. It is made of reflective glass that shimmers in the sunlight. Part of the architecture resembles large, spiky shards of glass.

You can go back even further into the history of the area at the Southern California Indian Center, a display of artifacts and recreations that remind today's visors of a time when Native Americans roamed these regions, leaving a permanent imprint.

And don't forget, this is sunny California. Soak up some warmth along with the atmosphere. Atlantis Park could be your choice for a family outing. Let the kiddies take a ride on the giant dragon slide while you bask a bit.

The Traveling Notaries in Garden Grove are in 92840, 92841, 92842, 92843, and 92845. The Mobile notary will quickly come to you both day and night right to your place!

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