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Well, face it. If you enjoy drinking intoxicating cement, Indian Wells is not the place for you. A city ordinance prohibits the drinking of such substances, as well as sniffing of adhesives, mucilage, dope or any other such substance intended to elate, daze, paralyze or to distort or disturb the eyesight, thinking processes or balance.

Other than this and a few additional antiquated and highly likely unenforced prohibitions, Indian Wells is a very pleasant place to be. Located in the lovely Coachella Valley in Riverside County, Calif., it offers the best of southern California weather and a plethora of things to do. It has traveling notaries as well. That means you can summon a notary to help with official documentation of important papers wherever you happen to be.

The town incorporated in 1967 to prevent its being gobbled up by larger southern California entities such as Palm Desert. The town arose over the site of an earlier Native American village that had existed since the mid-1800s, Smithsonian researchers say. Indian Wells was a stop on the old Alexander and Company stage line that shuttled prospectors intent on getting rich in the Colorado River gold rush.

Later in its history, locals discovered their own mother lode -- sports events that thrive in the desert climate. Indian Wells is home to the Bob Hope Desert Classic Golf Tournament, the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament and a glut of lesser competitions. Its Indian Hills Tennis Garden contains the second-largest tennis stadium in the world. Hollywood notables such as Bob Hope and other illustrious visitors of the caliber of President Eisenhower assured the small city would take its place in sporting annals. Eisenhower was so impressed with the area that in retirement he purchased a home in nearby Eldorado.

If you have business with one of the Indian Wells notaries, he or she will be glad to regale you with stories of celebrity spottings. It's part of a mobile notary's job description to know the territory so he or she can meet clients at the client's convenience.

Oh, yes. In case you want to stay within the law in Indian Wells, aside from drinking cement, be aware that local ordinances prohibit crushing rocks within the city limits, using a trumpet to lure someone into a store or foretell the future for donations. Steer clear of these local no-nos and you're likely to have a grand time in one of the most laid back but activity-rich cities in the California that has beckoned Americans for decades.

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