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In English, La Mesa is "the table" or, in a broader sense, "plateau." And that about says it all of this remnant of the Mission San Diego de Alcala, from which it evolved. The town was founded in 1869 and incorporated in 1912, lacking a city charter but operating under the laws of California.

There is always something going on in La Mesa, including a weekly farmer's market on Friday afternoons, featuring the lush fruit and vegetable production of the area.

June through August, there is the Back to the 50s Car Show, the perfect opportunity for you to meet with one of La Mesa's mobile notaries, get essential documents notarized and then get your fill of auto nostalgia. Proud owners of vintage cars bring their vehicles to La Mesa Village on La Mesa Boulevard every Thursday evening for another round of showing off and comparing. If you're part of that coterie, you already know that there is no enthusiast like an old car enthusiast.

Be among the estimated 200,000 who show up for Octoberfest at the beginning of that month and you'll have three solid nights of super entertainment.

The La Mesa Walkway of the Stars is a pedestrian walkway that has transformed into an urban park smack-dab in the downtown area. The "stars" theme is reference to the many volunteers who provide thousands of hours of service to the city. It stands to reason that among those volunteers who make La Mesa a nice place to live are some of the local notaries, to whom service is a given.

The big question in La Mesa is this: Is there a ghost on Mount Helix? Those who say "yes there is" descirbe her as a woman in her mid-20s who is as real as can be. Members of San Diego Ghost Hunters document sightings and swear to the authenticity of their lady ghost. They use sophisticated equipment and methods to try to catch their ethereal friend, but there still are differences of opinion. Their best guess is that the ghost is the spectre of a young woman who was disappointed in love and haunts the area hoping to find relief.

Ghosts? Maybe yes, maybe no. But traveling notaries who will meet you anywhere that it is convenient to authenticate your important papers, absolutely.

Also an absolute reality is La Mesa's public stairway system, several sets of public stairs in the Mt. Nebo/Windsor Hills area. They were installed years ago to facilitate foot traffic through the neighborhoods. People who learn of the stairways find great pleasure in tackling the challenge of navigating the steep steps. To them, it's part of the "life elevated" ambience of their pleasant home town.

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