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If you live in Monrovia, you already know the story. If you are a visitor, you need to know the story. It's all about Samson, the hot tub bear.

Being located in the foothills , Monrovia gives residents lots of opportunity to learn first-hand about some of the local wildlife. But few such experiences ever took on the magnitude of Samson, a 400-pound California black bear. In the 1990s, Samson discovered the conveniences that go with city living -- such as garbage cans filled with human rejects that were perfect for bear feed. Or fruit trees, particularly the avocado, that were easy pickin's.

Residents got used to the idea of Samson as a fellow citizen (although they certainly followed the safety suggestions contained in a locally-distributed list of "Tips for Living With Wildlife") and gave the bear a wide berth. When he became ill in 1994 and was due to be anesthetized by wildlife officials, the locals pleaded for mercy. Then-Gov. Pete Wilson asked for and received a reprieve for the Hot Tub Bear. Locals contributed to a special "zoo" for Samson and he lived out the remainder of his life as a communal pet of sorts.

You may find that sort of thing un-bearable, but ask any of the Monrovia mobile notaries about Samson and they'll tell you it's all true. These notaries, like their fellows in almost every California town, are on call at any time and ready to meet with you wherever it is convenient. They are well-versed in all the legal requirements that call for an official seal to be official. While you share the "bare" facts of your particular document, they can assist with any questions you may have.

Monrovia is about more than bears. It has rated "All-American City" honors, recognized for its inclusiveness, civic engagement and innovation that attract quality families to the area.

The heart of the city is Old Town. It is maintained as a reminder of the past and as a delightful place for businesses to settle in.

If you have a particular fondness for shade, Monrovia is the place to be. Its landscaping features hundreds of mature trees, which facilitated the city's recognition as a "California Tree City." Oak trees, in particular, enjoy protected status, being given special note in the Municipal Code. An annual Arbor Day Ceremony at the close of each April celebrates the city's trees and encourages planting of even more. Monrovia's Teen Advisory Board and Monrovia Youth Commission head the event, assuring a healthy respect for the environment into the future.

Trees, bears, civic pride. It all makes for happy living. Throw in the availability of a traveling notary who will make authenticating all your official documents simple and convenient and Monrovia is obviously a great place to be.

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