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Since the first Spanish explorers arrived in 1769, Oceanside has followed the usual California history sequence: Spanish until 1821, Mexican until 1848 and United States from there forward. A patent for the area that became Oceanside was issued in 1883 to Andrew Jackson Myers, whose personal homestead later became the site of the post office. The post office boasts an oil-on-canvas mural painted by Elsie Seeds. She was one of a number of artists commissioned by the federal government to put murals in federal buildings.

In the early days, "going to the oceanside" was as popular as it is now. You might say the town named itself. And with a name like Oceanside, you might guess that a lot of the city's history has focused in shoreline activities. Some 6 miles of shoreline provide the setting for a wide array of water-related sports.

Since the 1970s, suburban development has attracted a largely upscale population that enjoys the amenities of relaxed living in the sun. It's a prime vacation home site. Military activity in the area also had an impact on the development of the city. During World War II, the city has a munitions manufacturing plant.

The city incorporated in 1888. There were no mobile attorneys in the city then. But now there are. They are well-trained and versed in the many modern-day documents that need the seal of a notary to be legal. The list includes deeds, bills of sale, power of attorney, adoption papers and a whole array of like documents.

Oceanside's first pier was built in 1888 at the terminus of what is now Couts Street. In 1927, Couts Street was changed to Wisconsin Street. What didn't change was the local mania for heading to the beach. The Oceanside Pier, now in its sixth incarnation, is one of the longest wood piers on the Pacific Ocean coastline at 1,942 feet.

One of the city's more obscure claims to fame: In 1936, officer Guy Woodward issued a speeding ticked to actor Bing Crosby. The crooner paid a $35 fine. His co-star in many movies, Bob Hope, ate dinner at the Oceanside 101 Cafe. Other notables who have made their home there at one time, or merely visited: Barbara Mandrell graduated from Oceanside High School in 1967; Great Britain's Prince Philip and Princess Anne stayed at the tony St. Malo for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics; earlier, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford named their oceanside camp "The End of the World." Even director Cecil DeMille was a guest at a local hotel in 1914.

Located in downtown Oceanside and a great place to join a mobile notary to take care of essential business is the California Surf Museum. First see to it that your latest wishes regarding end-of-life care are signed and have the notary's seal, then visit the museum for an overview of this seaside sport.

Every year, Oceanside plays host to the send-off of the 3,000-mile Race Across America. Some experts say this is the ultimate test for an athlete. The city also is the scene of the Beach Soccer championship contests. Part of the agenda is the Beach Soccer USA Cup competition, again, considered the most grueling match-up in its genre.

Part of the city's past lay in carnation-growing, giving rise to the nickname "Carnation City." Even so, when it came to choosing a flower to represent the city, leaders chose the Crimson Lake Bougainvilla. Well, pick your posy, but keep in mind that Oceanside has all that an oceanside resort can offer.

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